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  • I bught this script, succesfully insstalled, added tons of categories, all good, but when i try to post an ad, i got the famous error message: Error sending confirmation mail ( i know others who have had same problem and dumped the script) i've done everything the author of the script say ( there is this forum where you can find solutions to this problem but is useless) the thing is no matter what you do, this fkn script will simply has this bug/miscoding or whatever it is, and wont let your site receive/send emails at all, i contacted my hosting company they say the problem is in the script, so i have my site but is useless because nobody can post a simple ad. The author of the script should solve this huge bug in his php code, or at least should offer to install the script for free. I am so disapointed of this script, i wasted $39.95 bucks. Do not buy this script if you are not an expert php coder, otherwise you'll have a hard time.

  • I have been looking for this type of software for a while. The price is affordable. You start with the basics and you create a masterpiece. Thank you for this!

  • MOST of these are terrible! depending on who you get it from, some do not even look like the demos'... They have country and state, and no city! what good is that. And they are all about the same~! some differences, but really......... its all the same base really. php.... zero... xyz... gumtree, xczlf.. i mean really! so if you decide to get one, LOOK FOR CHEAP cause they all about the same script, just have a different dress on the front end... LOOK for ones that offer FREE add on and mobile, and country, state and city. thats the hard to find. most just have city state, even when they look like they have all. U get it and it usually it not. kind of a dishonest script, but they been selling them for years online, although i notice many links to site are not there anymore. I guess people gave up. they make these like this so that your just getting a BASE script and then of course have to pay for many mods they have but do not include in it, hoping to get 200-400 to add it in there. Then you have to fix for your own look at what your doing of course on top of it

  • Amazing script. Easy to install, configure, and customize. Dicertory ads for category and city for more pages (google like it ;) Check out my site

  • X zero classifieds is a good classifieds script, very easy to edit, nice mods on the forum and a low price.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Great script, but need help , with the pay system, someone can help me ?? ... i try the help forum of script but is nobody there... thanks

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I have tested and view all avaiable classifieds on google search , and after i see 20-30 classifieds software i see in xzero classifieds the best solution , is easy to install , easy to customize ( open source ) and script work like thunder.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Amazing script. Easy to install, configure, and customize. Perfect.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I really am very happy with this script and the work that has been put into it. I bought a second license today for one of my other sites. I would happily recommend this to friends and family. Thanks, Julien

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • from payment to installation very smooth transaction script works great site was up and running a couple of hours cannot recomend enough I was going to go with a more exspensive option so glad i didnt

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • From the first time i saw XZero Community Classifieds 5.3 to the time I paid for the script.. and had them Install the Script for me was less than 12 Hours..I'm sure they cant always do this but I was Very Impressed with the support and sales.. I also think the Script is Great... Its Clean and easy to use.. All and All I'm a Very Happy Customer... is my new site.. Thank You for your Great Service.. Dan

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I have been using this script for several years. It's simple, works great and is good for search engine optimization. My site has been at the top of Google search results since I put it up.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • I have been looking for a classifieds script for 2 months and have looked at atleast 15 of them and chose xzerosciprts

  • Great!!! XZero Classifieds met all my requirements for my new classifieds site. In fact much better than actually i was expecting.. Wonderful, it really worths much more than its price.

  • Well, this script is pretty nice if you are looking for a straightforward classifieds site. But if you want to customize the script, it is going to be a royal pain and is not recommended. But as I said, if you are looking for a simple and straight forward solution without any customization and has a good value, this is the script for you.

  • Not good, but guys, could you make it professionally. Functionality as good. Usability is good to but coding as terrible. There is no layout template system, PHP is mixed with HTML code. Very hard to modify the script. It takes a lot of time and even a little modification can crush the script. It's very unstable due to bad programming. Just look through http://forum.webintempo.c om/viewtopic.php?p=5

  • Easy to install and customize, even without PHP knowledge, it allows users to post classifieds, events or images with no registration needed. Excellent for SE optimization with url rewriting, and with a good support. Exactly what I was looking for. (very good italian translation).

  • I have tried hundreds of other classified ads scripts out there. This one really does kill the competition. Great work on the script and especially the flexibility and support. I am really satisfied

  • By far above and beyond the competition, not just for the quality of the script and what it does but even more so for the help and tech support that Davis renders - He has helped install the script when I was having server issues and has even made requested adjustments and customizations to an already superb script. Kudos and more Kudos . Thank you once again Davis!!!!

  • XZero Community Classifieds is a great classified script. I have tried many other script but this has some great future like Events calender and display photos Easy to install and setup categories and customize field. You don't need to register for posting ads. Very user friendly script it is easy to customize with lots of possibilities. Excellent support from the programmer they helped me to solve the problems on my hosting server in a hour. Great work Davis at XZeroScripts

  • I purchased this script about a month and a half ago for my dating ads site. I've had no problems with the script, it runs flawlessly. When I've had inquires about changes to the site, the people at Xzeroscripts have been nothing but helpful and prompt with responses. Check out my site, Two thumbs up for Xzeroscripts.

  • During my quest Iíve tried and installed many different classified scripts. X-Zero is the only one that provided the clean look, ease of use, simplified posting process, ease of customization and neatly integrated event listings and photo display features. Since purchasing the script Iíve been very pleased with the in quick responses and script modifications Davis has provided and would not hesitate to recommend this product and working with this organization. Geary LeBell

  • Finally! A company that produces a great script and supports it like professionals! was one of the top Arizona websites in the early 90's. With the great support from Xzero and a few mods, we have visitors coming back by droves and will continue to do business with the good people of Xzero Scripts. We highly recommend this script to anyone who wants to boost their ratings and grow their revenue. Great Job Guys!

  • Excellent script. What's even better is the support from the programmer. Am very happy with the product, even more pleased with the support. The programmer is great, and he does special customization for me too upon request, for a fee. To me, the support is actually more important than the script, am very glad I found this script and the programmer. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a classified ad script.

  • I brought this script two weeks ago. This one fit with our needs well. After I got it, it is actually better than I thought. I have no HTML experience, but I was able to build my site with little efforts. Most importantly, I got the excellent supports from them. They helped me to customize the site and to solve the problems on my hosting sever. email questions are always responded in less than 24 hrs, I don't think you can get such good supports from anywhere for this price.

  • X-Zero Community Classifieds is a great script for classified ads projects. I purchased the script and am very pleased with the result of my customization. I have recieved excellent support and would easily use the script again. My clients demand the best and X-Zero Community Classifieds provide just that.

  • This script was exactly what I was looking for. It is very well done and was a breeze to set up. My own inadequacies were the only stumbling blocks in getting it installed. So this inspired quite a few support questions, which were answered quickly. I can't wait for the next release. Highly recommended. Barry Kramer, Baltimore MD.

  • We are very happy with this script. It has everything we are looking for and the customer service is top notch! After looking at two other scripts to replace our current one, we chose xzero because it has everything we needed for $100 less! We had some questions regarding installation and Davis took care of it right away! Two thumbs waaayyyy up!!!

  • great support and a rock solid script. it is only going to get better and better based on my experience with the author. His willingness to get it right and help out is amazing. If you are looking for a Craigslist clone this is the one. I have tried most of them even bought a few, over the last year and xzeroscripts just get's it. Thanks xzeroscripts I have been looking for you for a year

  • Excellent script with versatility and ease of use. Great administrative area allowing me complete management of all posted ads. Very efficient communication with author.

  • We purchased and use this script on our website. We found the installation to be rather easy and the ability to run your ads across multiple cities while retaining the same categories in every city is outstanding. The easy to access code allowed us to make many changes to the script to enhance it for our exact needs. The ability to charge for ads through paypal is easy to set up and a very useful feature as well. We had our entire website configured in just a few hours from start to finish.

  • I really love to work with this script. It is very make template changes and has no bugs! The best classified ad script on the market hands-down.

  • This script is perfect and includes everything I will need to build on. I just wish there was more comments in the scripts but I can live without it. Getting a response to questions is very quick. Great script with great support. What more can you ask for?

  • The Script is super easy to install & configure The interface can be modified but is incredibly user friendly by default Super cheap script Support answers all your questions Cons: You canīt choose a different image rather than the default folder for categories. Which limits your graphic design Second: Even-though you can translate the interface, you can only show the site in one language, if you try to show in two, it would look into different categories/adverts But I am happy with it.

  • Finally a simple and very complete software, which allows post ads without inscription, with all the functionalities necessary and without useless complications. And the support is fast and effective!

  • My experence is that X-Zero script is fast and reliable. Installation was a breeze and my site worked instantly. The admin area is straight forward to use. The script is easy to customize with lots of possibilities. I am very impressed by Davis and the service provided. Excellent script, price, programmer and after sales support, many thanks.

  • I spent years searching for this type of script but couln't find it until I found the XZero Community Classifieds sofware. There are many classified scripts out and many are expensive but none met my requirements except for this one. The xzero script is fast, reliable and well written. Its admin area is fast and reliable. The programmer is excellent skillwise, polite, and provides excellent support. I wish I could find something that I don't like but I don't. Thanks for this great sofware !

  • I have been through many sites looking for a simple classified script. After going through numerous downloads and payment, I have found the right one to use. Not only the script enable seo urls but an extensive category/subcategory listing. I hope in the future someone will take advantage of this and use it for their site. Most script out there have copyright enable at the bottom. This script does not have a link back, etc.

  • Finding the right script can be difficult, but after using the demo several times it was flawless. The admin area is very easy to use and i couldnt be happier with this script. the customer service is top notch.

  • I started an evaluation process that analyzed almost all the products known in the market. I've studied almost all the products available on the internet (19 products in total) all related to Classified Ads. I've ended up with was the only software flexible enough (features and the templating system) that met all my needs. And I also must mention the unbelievable support. Fast, objective and always solved my problems and doubts. Thanks Davis! D Pan

  • I have tried several scripts for classifieds. Only one works for me - XZero Classifieds. The script contains most of what you would expect and more. Paypal integration is neat. The different language options as well. No bugs. The company service is prompt and to the point. Although my experience with mysql is limited, the installation was easy and it worked instantly. I am happy to recommend XZeroscript.

  • Review of X-Zero Community Classifieds v4.93 created by Searched for a Craiglist like classified program for about a year. Found it! Easy to purchase. Instant download. You get more than you pay for. Program is very easy to use. Stable. Loads quick. CRON feature to purge old listings so you dont have to. Very flexible catgories. Style sheets are easy to customize. Loads of features. Fast customer service. Got custom change in one day at no cost. Will only get better. Excellent.

  • We're running a quite large network of sites and we used the Xzero Classified script for our just launched classified ads site. We have more than 8000 registered users in our network and 3 million pageviews per month. So far we're really satisfied with Xzero Classified. The script is stable, fast and efficient. The support is very friendly as well. The only negative thing with this script is that it is not template driven which makes it a bit more timeconsuming to redesign. 5/5 stars!

  • For a novice like me in PHP and mySQL I was a bit afraid buy it. However, looking at the other people feedback encouraged me. The script came with a readme text file which outlined what I needed to. In no time, the site was up and running. The installation was a breeze and the most important php files are well commented for easy customization. I had few questions and the customer support was very responsive. This is a great community classifieds.

  • I needed a web board for classifieds in my area. The only alternative is paying crazy prices to list something in the newspaper. I wanted it to be like I had no idea how much it would cost. Davis responded to a bid I made for doing such a site, and his rate was great, but most importantly, he got the job done. I've been a graphic designer for 15 years, and this guy is top notch in my book. Thanks Davis!

  • I highly recommend this classified script because the administration area in the script makes it easy to manage compare to other classified scripts I've come accross. Plus the customer service is very friendly and responsive.

  • Very Cool script with lots of extra features. If you want to start a classified ads site I recommend this script. Has worked perfectly ever since installation. Excellent customer service. Thanks Davis.

  • My English isn't perfect but I feel the need to sent a review: I was suprised by the possibilities of this script, it has many, many features and works smoothly. The developer did some extra mod's for me for a reasonable price. He realy delivers fast and a perfect total-product. The service is perfect, the script is worth it's price. The developer submitted some extra mod's so that I can run the script as an small-easy-to-use dating/contact script. My visitors are happy with it :)

  • I searched for over 2 years to find a good craigslist clone script. This script offers a powerful backend with a simple user interface. I have been running classified sites for over 3 years now, and the biggest breaker of any classified site is having your users register or signup. This scrip allows users to submit a photo ad without having to register. From my experience this has increased posts on my sites by 90%.

  • Take it from this totally new user. I was impressed with the script, and just as impressed by the service Davis provided. I had half of an idea that I wanted to wrap around this script and Davis made it perfect. I didn't have a ton of money to try this idea and checked a lot of scripts of this type. This xzeroscript delivered as promised. Just as important as the front page, the admin controls give me great control to try things. You won't regret it. Thanks Davis.

  • I purchased this script and it is working better than I had expected. The script has an excellent admin area to operate the script and has many features other classified scripts don't.

  • The greatest avantage is that people do not need to register before posting. So it is easier to get volume. You just activate and login by clicking an email-link after posting. As an average consummer installing his own scripts, this one was very easy to do for me. Succes by the very first effort! Nice directory structure with a lot of possibilities. Better think well at te start. Fast, and friendly service included. So: nice script! (after having tried several others...)

  • Is a excelent script, fast and work ok with a lot of features, and the programmer is very helpful with a fast and good support. Excelent.

  • I've finally found the ideal classifieds script for my needs! Fast to install, easy to manage and very user friendly. The option to add lots of categories, subcategories, regions and cities is great! The PayPal payment option is already integrated in the script. The team also offers a really good support and is of great help regarding the customization of the script. Related to other classifieds script available, this one has a good quality/price ratio. Up to now, I haven't found any bugs.