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  • We've used Paypal Download Manager for over a year. In the beginning, they were very helpful and responsive when I emailed for support. In April, I ran into problems and submitted a help ticket. I contacted them several times via email, and their support ticket process. I also tried their support number. No response. At this point, it's three months later. I had purchased 6 months extra support, and was still within that window. Also, I realized they had set up the support to renew automatically every 6 months. Glad I caught that in time, before they charged me again. Definitely avoid Paypal Download Manager!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Now, I'm not one to do this, but I have to let folks know about this company and it's service. We have done business w/ them for 2+ years. At first, they installed it for us, and we paid $25 every 6 months for support. Well, NOBODY ANSWERS THE PHONE or responds to your emails with your questions! We just paid them again to do an install and the site says "24 hours for most sites" - and our site is big so maybe it would take a lot longer.... but it's 10 DAYS later and still no reply with emails, help desk or phone calls with the status of the install. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY The product is awesome, but it's a shame that the customer service is HORRIBLE. Not worth it. :o( Now, the task to try to find another avenue for digital downloads that is cost efficient. If you know of anything, I'd love to know! :o)

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • their scripts and software are a failure, and they will never support you, neither never return your 30day guarantee money back. be away from them. just try calling them to see if u ever get a hold of somebody. they should be banned, even from Paypal.

  • I purchased the software and payed for an installation in addition. Before doing so I communicated with this Adrian person, and asked him if the software met my requirements. He confirmed and I went ahead and made the payment through PayPal. Then this Sandy character messed it all up. Absolutely no knowledge! These are the problems I encountered before I decided to get rid of the whole script: 1. This script does not allow files to be stored outside the root, so the files can be indexed by spiders and downloaded without people paying. I asked about that before buying and they told me it was no problem. 2. The installation was not done according to my specifications. 3. The script does not function. File formats are corrupted and can not be opened by the customer after download. 4. Shopping chart does not function properly, items can not be deleted properly from chart 5. You can not change your ftp or cpanel password after the installation, if you do the script fails to function 5. No support When I pointed out that the script was not installed according to my specifications, and that it was not working, the seller stopped communicating back. Next I asked for a refund, no answer, and escalated to a claim with PayPal:, answer from PayPal: Resolution Center - Claim Details: We have completed our investigation of this case. No further action is required by you at this time. We have denied this claim. As stated in our User Agreement, PayPal‚Äôs Buyer Complaint Policy only applies to the shipment of goods, not to disputes about the attributes or quality of the goods received. We have noted your claim in the seller's record. The seller's account privileges will be limited if excessive complaints are received. Stay away from this vendor if you do not want to loos time and money!

  • The biggest disappointment for me which will stop me from using this is the fact that almost everything it does that the customer sees it shows a link back to their site. When someone returns to your site from PayPal it looks up their order and at the bottom has a Powered By link. In the email that it sends the user with the link there is also a footer of the email with a link. I found no mention of this on their site. Script is IonCube encoded so not much can be done about it.

  • I have used PDM now for over 2 months now. I was a little sceptical to try something new at first, but I love it now. Its very easy to use and Adrian helped me every time I needed help with something. I wouldn't use anything else for my website now. ABSOLUTLY PERFECT! Thanks!

  • I installed this script on my site today and it didn't work. I am not a novice. So, I went to the provided forum to find answers. It's full of people complaining that they have not received refunds. My heart sunk! I immediately called Mastercard to have the payment annulled. Not everyone will be so lucky.

  • I am sorry you immediately decided to charge back your credit card rather than contacting me first to resolve the problem. I am sorry I was away for a few days when you needed my help however I have sorted out everyones problems and I know I could have helped you. If there is anything you need int he future, I am always more than happy to earn back your business in the future.

  • I bought this item($29.99)it does not work.No Support.For $15 this guy will install the script for you, but even then it does not work.Compalints on his own forum - 1) /forum/viewtopic.php?t=69 2) /forum/viewtopic.php?t=64 PLEASE READ THEM BEFORE YOU PURCHASE Kelly -

  • I have contacted Kelly and resolved the problem. She insisted on a full refund, which I immediately provided to her. I am sorry I was away for a few days when you needed my help. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do. I hope I have the chance to earn back your business in the future.