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  • Boonex Dolphin Scam Script is the most ugly and terrible piece of code I've ever seen!!! Try to digg in the code, change something substantially - and you'll see yourself that it has architecture that is impossible to deploy. Structured programming mixed with OOP that violates all normal rules of OOAD, ugly and difficult to read style of coding - man I'm so angry and disappointed with it - current project I'm building upon it is late because I HAD TO REIMPLEMENT MOST SOCIAL NETWORKING FEATURES what was done because of tight coupling of code and terrible design in general…>:( Don't even think of buying it if you plan to change at least something about it substantially. It might work if you plan to stick with it while making minor changes - mostly styles and colors. But everything over that will make you regret… I haven't tried other Boonex products yet (and never will do so!), but DOLPHIN IS THE WORST SCRIPT I'VE EVER SEEN. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND USING OTHER PRODUCTS - there are plenty of them. Considering previous post - why someone wants to lie about company whereabouts? There's no other answer but to fool customers. They say they offer quality product with customer support, which is a big lie. Boonex Scam Script has a lot of complaints all around the web. Try googling Boonex complaints. Report to if you have your own complaint. Don't get fooled - use SocialEngine, JomSocial, Drupal, etc instead. Boonex is a scam.

  • Once you buy the software you're on your own. Don't expect any support. But don't take my word for it. If you pay a nominal fee you can read the complaints yourself at Stay away from the contributors and do yourself a favor ,no matter how tempting it is, don't buy any widgets off of They WILL corrupt the basis installation and once again; No support. The script itself works, but the Aussies have a long way to go before this product is anywhere near finished.

  • I regret spending all of the time integrating it into my site only to find out most things don't work, people are constantly complaining about problems. Now I have to work at moving 2000+ members into a new database. Thanks!

  • This free software does not work and there is no support for it either. They hide a lot of stuff so that you have to pay them to get it works. many questions are asked in the forum with no answer. Just some guy demand for money before they get it to work.

  • The script has been released as GPL, it is an upgrade -- term used loosely -- of a script that the same owners sold in the past. The only difference is that the product used to sell for a hefty price - search the net -- and there are a few sites (one big one that has majority of people who previously purchased the predecessor of this script-from the same owners). It has the same developers and same mentality. I would not wish this on anybody. Not even my worst enemy. You Have Been Warned

  • Well, I used to use the AeDating and it was wonderful in spite of some small lacks, that was the best dating script. Now it's the time of community software and after I examined myspace-like scripts which are so many I came to the idea that Dolphin has at least three outstanding advantages - it is quite free, they got the best support I ever met (I said I dealt with AeDating) and the most cool thing is Ray Pro multimedia. Ray Pro with autonomous server included offers great features. Thanks.

  • I found that Dolphin is very well made. It is quite professionally designed with many features and options included. $20 for documentation processing (now free) and I feel myself like I can maintain any type of community site from a virtual club of the broken hearts to the club of pet’s owners. Placet!!