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  • This version is very old, but used on hundreds of forum sites. Go to their website and download the latest stable version, which is 2.1 Everything mentioned in the side bar is true and even better in the New YaBB 2.1 Get It !

  • These days we are so quick to criticize incompetence but fail to recognize excellence. YaBB is pure excellence. The entire yondermail community is based around YaBB, which allows our users to create profiles, send instant messages, chat in real-time and of course post messgaes. If we ever had a problem with our software, we can get an awnser within miniutes as theres is a highly populated discussion forum on the YaBB website. I would trust my car keys with this software, honest! Lee Fuller

  • This forum program is simply the greatest thing out there on the market today. It may seem at first that you get a rather plain system for free, but the real power is in their modification website where you can add features that even the most expensive system doesn't have. It's quite addicting as a matter of fact to go in and modify the program and see how the new features work. What a great job they did on this.

  • Has everything I wanted, but could not find a setting to pre-approve messages before they appear on the boards. Like the ease of changing avatars and adminstration is easy enough.

  • Been using YaBB for 3-4 months, easy to work on...and its free. Can't beat it.

  • This is the best free BBS I have ever used. The only thing that's better is vbulliten which costs a lot of money. I guarentee you will like this BBS. It's template driven and has a lot of great features.

  • YaBB is simply the BEST BB I've come by. There's just NO comparision! The installation is simple. All you need to know is some basic info that your host can easily answer! Another thing is the price, there is none! This is very good for the web community! Most poeple can't afford the UBB (which I hate for the price) and YaBB is just as good and I'd say better! I hope YaBB never becomes like UBB and starts to charge!