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  • Everytime I search i get this message guys "ERROR: The search returned an error!"

  • This is probably the best document manager for personal use. Considering the small size, it impresses with the sheer amount of features. Thank you!

  • I am very appreciative of open source projects. I share everything I can with others and try to help others learn because that's how I learned. That said, this developer is a kind person to share his hard work, but doesn't really have the general programming population in mind. First, if there is a demo or screen shots, they are very hard to find on the website. Second, there is no download link. The button for SourceForge is the only link to download. Admittedly, I am embarrased for spending 10 minutes looking for a download link when I am a regular visitor to SourceForge. However, a simple word added above that button would help save your visitors from looking for where to "Download." Third, the files are in bz2 format. WinZip and WinRAR don't support it. I had to find a bz2 command line program just to extract these files. Which brings me to the biggest gripe I have with this script. Fourth, this script doesn't work on a windows (WAMP) server. Not only does it not work, but 2 pages into the install instructions, the developer says, "It surely will not(!) work on web servers produced by the Redmond, WA based company named Microsoft. Official releases of XODA will never support these servers!" I understand not liking Microsoft (who really does). I won't design my inner-company based web pages/web apps to work with non w3c compliant versions of i.e., but to flat out say you will NEVER support a server running under Microsoft is just letting hate get in the way of your otherwise humanitarian act. I may one day install this on one of my *nix servers and updating this review, but for my current project needs I have no way of testing this. Please add something about not supporting Microsoft machines to your description and try to lighten up. We are all in this together. "I float through the night because I carry no weight just like I float through my life because I carry no hate." ~Echelon

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend