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Read this first before making your purchase Verified Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 3rd October 2010

Rating: 1 - Poor

We first purchased this script a couple of years ago. what we were looking for was a scripts that worked with or could extract listing from DMOZ. The script sounded good and initially but it didn't work out of the box nor did the DMOZ extraction tool that we had to buy. We dumped the project at that time because it did not meet our needs.

Recently however we noticed that the DMOZ extraction tool had now change from a desktop application to a plugin that cost $69.00. We had to renew our membership with nicecoder to get the latest script which cost $35, so in all we spent another $104 but once again the DMOZ script didn't work! We tried the forum for support but there is little help there, we also tried to send an email to [email protected] but we didn't get a reply.

I am really surprised that these rogues can make a promise of delivering good software but end up taking the money and not delivering.

The script doesn't work out of the box and the plugin doesn't work at all, support is non existent, but don't just take my word for it, please read the other reviews, there are a lot of unhappy people.
I think that the main problem is that there is one developer and several applications that he has created.
We have now applied for a refund through paypal.