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  • Unable to reach publisher site nor download script.

  • Broken Links cant get script download or preview and cannot reach developers site

  • After searching the net for months looking for something similar to iMira's website, I came across My Photo Gallery v2.6. At the time I was installing it I was very inexperienced at Linux, and perl. With the help of Mike Spice I managed to fumble my way to getting it up and running. Unlike some other versions of online galleries, My Photo Gallery displays the images in 4 diferent sizes. 640, 800, 1024, and full. (3.1 does 320 as well). It also displays the EXIF data for the pictures that all new camera's and most older cameras place in the image. My Photo Gallery allows you to have comments for your pictures, as well as send the images to Shutterbug to have them print the prints and send them to you. Everything is generated on the fly, and all areas are configurable. Because you generate on the fly, you never have wasted space. The different sized images only get created when they are requested for the first time. It also saves the image size preference that you want to view the pictures in the form of a cookie. It supports HTML for the descriptions, and news page. The new version v3.1 is even more configurable, with the ability to lock out folders within the program. Normally if you want to protect a page, you have to edit your httpd.conf. This is an exceptional program, easy to use, easy to install, unbelievably high quality.