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  • I love it, use it all the time

  • Great tool! It's so popular that shifting platforms is not an issue any longer, chances are you'd stumble upon a good script/platform that uses Smarty.

  • Smarty is just Great! Has all those cool features! I use it & I'm happy with it! Can't wait V3.

  • If you are dumb enough to add another language on top of PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/Javasc ript then you're dumb enough to use Smarty. If you see a script that uses this template crap, run, run, run and tell the author they're stupid.

  • I have been using Smarty for years now. It's an amazing product. It can take a bit of getting used to, but the rewards of doing so are HUGE. I operate a number of profitable sites that wouldn't be as scalable as they are without Smarty. I have not found a better way to separate content from logic in a PHP application. For those who think it's easier to just sprinkle your HTML into your PHP... you're right, but here's hoping that you're the only one that will ever alter your application.

  • I am reading a book on php5 and mySQL e-commerce by apress. The author thinks that it is a good idea to use smarty. So far I have have been stopped in my tracks by getting this software up and running. When you go to forums some of the people there have this attitude that I don't want to deal with. In the book I have written about 7 pages just to create the top of the web page. I don't see the efficiency in this.

  • Smarty makes design harder than standard php and makes programming far more difficult. My normal php programming syle interacts with design much better. Smarty claims to increase security by reducing the number of available php commands -- how ridiculous. Why is it that so many Smarty-driven apps look jumbled in an HTML editor? Could it be that it does not provide an adequate MVC framework? Yuck! Maybe it is a good way for non-php people to adapt php apps. Smarty is a separate language.

  • Nothing worth doing takes zero effort! I spent quite a bit of time getting to grips with the basics of Smarty - not because it is particularly difficult but because it was yet another thing to learn! However, I'm now writing an application using PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript (oh yes, and HTML) based on the Smarty templating system. Let me tell you it is so much easier to develop and debug now that the application is split up into separate files and each screen has its own template!

  • I knew right from the get go that I would never be able to mix PHP code with HTML--I can't work effectively when my sensibilities are constantly being offended. I started with PHP in 1999 using FastTemplates. Smarty is so much better. It's powerful and easy to learn. The most basic form of every command handles 99% of my templating needs. And it has esoteric features if you need them.

  • The other night I came across smarty, now I have been using PHP for a number of years now but have never been visiting all the other sites like smarty. I used to use xml extensivly to keep data and presentation separatly, until I found smarty. What I like about it is it is easy to install, easy to configure and even easier to "learn" the smarty syntax - I like the though of a different syntax so the you know what is server side and what is client side even though all the work is done on the server. The only time I use xml now is to make the same data available to other systems or to download to the client and import it into another application. By the way the xml generation is done with smarty as well. - I love this little monster.

  • What can I say, Smarty is incredible! I've used it to add template support to two of my own scripts and found the software to be quick, simple and very flexible indeed. The user documentation on the Smarty website is very well written and easy to follow and there wasn't anything I wanted to do that I couldn't - in fact, there were lots of things I found I could do that I hadn't even thought of so hats of to Smarty!

  • Smarty is a system that allows you to develop your look&feel independantly of functional code, a template system in other words. Smarty is very easy to get started with, and well documented. The plugin system with functions/modifiers makes it extremely easy to extend. The class based architecture allows you to override the Smarty main class and customize should this be required. I highly recommend this package as a PHP templating system.

  • Smarty is smart.Simply great template engine for HTML designers and for Programmers as well.But if the Smarty authority writes some more tutorials for the beginners, Smarty users willbe increase very fast.Todays beginners are tomorrows experts.Cheers

  • The website could include 'current known bugs', i.e. ones fixed in CVS but not the stable release. The use of 'SMARTY_DIR' and NON_USE of it could be better explained. The process by which the smarty class finds the directories could be elaborated upon. As just came out in the newsgroup/listserve, using a 'group sticky' permission system for the cache/templates_c directories could be explained. This seems like the best scenario. The webserver can create them caches and compiled templates and cache/compile directories, but the user can delete them as necessary. An example with templates within templates (a 'smartified' phpnuke-alike or bulleting board front end) could be included in the release. Explaining of namespaces of template variables within the above 'templates within templates' could be explained. I think it might be a good idea to have hierarchial variable schema (probably with an array) for templates within templates. Yes, I know, I could do some of these. As I learn this better, I will.

  • I downloaded smarty to test out for our websites at work, and was immediately impressed. It was easy to implement, easy to learn, and very, very powerful. Just when I thought, "nah, it couldn't do that...", it did it. Want to use PHP objects? No problem. Loop through an array? Piece of cake. Import one template into another through variables? Just say the word. Truly amazing. I only have two minor gripes with this program: 1) Having { and } be the default delimiters makes it difficult to work with importing stylesheets and javascript files. Of course, this is easy to change. The other gripe: that I didn't find this program six months ago. If you're a webmaster who deals with a large site based on templates, do yourself a favor and check out smarty. You'll love it.

  • I looked up for a long time for a flexible and easy to use template class. With Smarty I found one. For an on-line shops as well as for a CMS I could save 1/3 at programming effort using Smarty . Now I have a clear separation from program logic and Design. Particularly the ability of shifting fundamental logics (if necessary) into the template file, the Smarty own variables within a section (such as odd, even, index,..) helps much with the template creation (e.g. for table rows in alternating colours). All in all a great piece of software. Thanks Anrdei and Monte !