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  • Where have you been all my life? I've played around with a few CMS's but found them too complicated and unwieldy for most small sites. PHPWEBSITE fits the bill perfectly and is a one click install if you have the CPANEL/Fantastico option!

  • I started using this program based on these reveiw ratings, I should have researched it more. VERY buggy and and NOT ready for prime time and this is like 5 years in to development. Take a pass. Phpnuke worked better than this years ago.

  • I read these reviews from way back in 2001 when this project was a baby and people thought it was great. Its getting better, and when you get into the development community and start looking at the design, you start to see the genious behind the phpWebsite philosophy and how great this thing could get. When picking a content management system, potential is worth alot, because you may use it for years to come. If the features suit your need, then bet on phpWebsite and you will be ahead of everyone when it is the premier opensource CMS and everyone else is trying to switch to it.

  • Having used phpWebSite since v 0.8.2, and after installing it for a number of clients, it is nice to see it finally coming of age. Documentation remains less than satisfactory, and installation is increasing in complexity, but this is nevertheless a very nice CMS. Intuitive and professional. The coding team would do well to stop coding for a while and work on documentation, however. This may be the most poorly documented full featured CMS currently available.

  • Okay, I read the previous reviews and one said: '...move on to something that works...' while everyone else gave it a positive review. So I decided to find out for myself! What did I find? Well, first off it was much easier to install than many of it's competitors, also updating content was a breeze too. If anything it may lack some feature that I'd want for myself and I would have called it a CMS as opposed to a Portal, but that does not detract from the fact that this is a fine piece of work.

  • phpWebSite is incredible! So easy to install. . .even easier to manage it. . .how did i ever live without it? Once you've configured it and uploaded it all, it's a breeze to add, edit or delete pages, or users, polls, articles, and anything else you want to add to it! And with the ability for the users to change themes, and completely transform the look of the site to their desire, it's perfect :)

  • This is very simple to setup, as long as you can create a MySQL Database the script does the rest. Customization on it is fantastic using CSS and it is coded to turn off and on. Enough ranting, try this software you will enjoy it as much as me.

  • I really like the look and feel of phpWebSite. Seems to be well supported, written and documented. It has a lot of plug-ins already available and that is really nice. The only problem is that the current version, 0.8.0, phpWebSite does not use a prefix (i.e.: phpws_) when accessing the mySQL database. This is a problem if your host only allows you one database and you have other mySQL applications and/or you would like to have more than one installation of phpWebSite on your account (business, club, hobby, etc.) Currently, the suggested fix is to do a search and replace of the mySQL references, which would have to be done on every upgrade. If you have your own server or access to several mySQL databases, I would recommend phpWebSite now. If you only have one mySQL account, wait for the update that supports the use of database prefixes. It shouldn't be long, as this is a common change in the SourceForge communities.

  • I have evaluated a number of php based portal / CMS websites over the last few weeks and phpwebsite stands out from the rest. Although the competition is excellent (e.g. phpnuke) phpwebsite wins as it is the closest to being a real CMS and less of a web portal. I actually require a standard website rather than a web portal so the underlying code is very important as I will be adding and rewriting for my own purposes, I am pleased to say the code is well written and there is plenty of room for writing plugins, modules and hacks. Well done all involved @ Appalachian State University nice bit of software.

  • I've installed phpNuke, Drupal, phpReactor and phpWebsite. Each has their strengths. phpNuke has the most features. Drupal is small and tightly coded. But phpWebSite has the best overall mix. It has the features I'm most likely to use and is easy to install and maintain. I can't wait for v2 and support for multiple sites/domains from a single database!

  • While looking for a CMS software, I tried a couple and hit upon phpNuke. While PhpNuke is an excellent application, it's geared toward a News Portal. phpWebSite comes closer to being a true content management application and better suited for an intranet. I think the developers have done a masterpiece with phpWebsite. I highly recomment it!

  • This is what Nuke wanted to be. Installation was smooth but needs more documentation for newbies. The layout is fairly intuitive and flows nicely. The code is clean, fast, and seems to be bug free. It is already feature rich and yet leaves the door open to add-on modules that will undoubtedly be coded. In short, this is programming done right.

  • I looked at a number of CMS and decided to try Egrail and PHP-Nuke. Egrail required Perl modules that weren't currently installed on my server so I tried PHP-Nuke. It was simple to install. Then I wanted to make some fixes. Upon looking at the code, I decided I'd need to rewrite some of it to make it easier to maintain and customize. Then I discovered PHPWebsite, they'd already made changes I was going to do. I switched my site over to PHPWebsite. While it doesn't have all the features of PHP-Nuke, YET, I found it to be the best choice for my needs. I especially liked it's committment to XHTML. If you are looking for a CMS, then you must try it out.

  • This Script is on it's way to being great! Very solid and dependable. The only thing lacking for the average user is a set of detailed docs. However if you follow the install document's instructions and pay close attention to setting up the config.php file you will figure the rest out in a very short period of time. Be aware that the most common error I got while using this was a permission not granted error which is easily remedied by changing the permissions on the reported file to 777. Setting up the themes (or creating your own) is a matter of substituting your own default image in each theme and using their setups as a template. If you understand simple css and mySQL you can do this! Compliments (and thanks) to the folks at Appalachian State University!!