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No concern about security Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 21st February 2007

Rating: 1 - Poor

This software has a number of reported security vulnerabilities, and despite the fact that discussion were started in May of 2006, there have been no indication of concern by the developers or support staff.

A google search of "phpbazar security" will verify the vulnerabilities, and a visit to the SmartISoft's own forum will verify the lack of action and concern by the owners of this script.

Stay away Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 26th October 2006

Rating: 1 - Poor

As I understand SmartISoft and the scripts were sold... And the new owner seems no longer to be interested in. For accessing the (support) forum I had to pay $ 40. But there is no information, no support. And also my website was hacked...

Very bad Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 16th July 2006

Rating: 1 - Poor

Sad but true: Stay away from this! The software has great functions, but: There are many known security problems. Many websites running phpBazar have been hacked. No support, no patches, no bugfixes and no updates from the developpers. Support is almost dead for months and years now, so is this software. If you're looking for a secure and stable ads software which gets developed further - the phpBazar sure is the wrong one.

Don't Buy Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 21st September 2005

Rating: 1 - Poor

Good in it's day but development appears to have stopped in April 2003 when the last update, version 2.0.1, was released. The various bugs which existed after that release remain with no bug fixes. The dissatisfaction of existing license holders cannot be seen by prospective purchasers because you only get access to the support forum after buying. Support for this product is dead: To get email support you have to buy priority support and questions in the support forum go unanswered.

phpBazar Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 23rd February 2001

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Not only the script itself is excellent even the support of Erich did not leave any question open at all. Support was prompt and fast. This script is very configurable and you can change almost everything for your own needs.

Excellent script and support Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 18th March 2001

Rating: 5 - Excellent

The phpBazar is an excellent script that is very easy to configure. The support has been also very prompt and professional.

The Best Script Around Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 18th May 2001

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Just purchased the PhpBazar script and it is great. Very easy to install, functions perfectly, has many many features that many more expensive scripts don't have. This script is worth the money! If you need this type of functionality and reliability, you must get this script. i love it. joe capra

What a well written program! Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 11th December 2002

Rating: 5 - Excellent

This is a very well written script where the data is completely abstracted from presentation. Documentation is top-notch. Programmer's Forum is active. A real treat to work with. My only request is that MemberForms be rewritten to be more like Categories and Subcategories.