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Encrypted Commercial Script - what the demos don't say

Reviewed by programmer1 on Wed, 21st March 2012
Rating: 2 - Fair

Viewed all demos and screenshots before purchasing, and was surprised that there was no mention that this is an encrypted script (via ioncube). License information is also encrypted into the software and is necessary for it to operate. I am reluctant to load encrypted software, due to the information that could be sent back to the originating server and, as a developer, don't recommend encrypted software to website owners. As to automation, you will need to load your own directory urls to which to submit. The software does allow you to manage these directories with an easy user interface. A web page list of article directories is provided, but is not built into the script. There is no way to tell the age of the listing, and the list is not linked to the sites. There is a cookie file in the downloaded package, pre-filled with PHP session id's for a number of article directories. If intended for loading into your own browser's cookie storage, this presents a potentially dangerous method of automating login to remote sites. A site would normally permanently blacklist a user's IP and username for "reusing" a cookie or session id, as a man-in-the-middle attack. Perhaps it is intended as an example or demo, although it is not in the examples. If you use the script, beware of loading the provided cookie file. It's ill-advised. The software is very slick looking (see demos) and no doubt useful for many, as is, at US$30. Just be aware of these unlisted "features".