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  • Yelp Website Source Code/ Clone Script

    A unique & practical PHP tutorial + LARAVEL tutorial. The Author hand helds & takes you to create an end-to-end world class site like YELP.COM using PHP, MySQL on the LARAVEL framework.

  • Simple Database ORM

    ORM class that allows you to perform CRUD operations on a database.

  • PHP SMS from website

    Learn how to really exploit and implement an SMS solution to your website in PHP

  • Parsing web pages in PHP

    Learn to scrape any website's content in PHP using HTML parser. Includes demo of fetching images from a vBulletin forum.

    Rated 2.67 out of 5 (3 total ratings)

  • Getting RGB from Hexadecimal Colors

    When working with CSS, it is common to use Hexadecimal Notation of colors, while on the back end, many PHP functions (like imagecolorallocate, imagecolorclosest, imagecolorexact etc, require that you pass on colors as red, green and blue integers. This fu

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