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  • FREE Username, Password Login PHP and MySQL Example Site

    This step-by-step guide presents a free cut-and-paste example code of a username and password login web based system. Developed using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. Improved and updated Jan 2008.
  • Upload and Resize an Image

    PHP has the ability to upload files such as documents or images using the multipart/form-data protocol, but how do you use this and how do you resize the images after they are uploaded to create thumbnails or image repository, etc. This tutorial alon...
  • PHP-Based Chat Room

    This particular design of web-based chat uses variables posted from a form, processes them into HTML and writes them to a file. Put the form and the message file in a frameset and you have something that looks reasonably like a BeSeen chat room. Of c...
  • A Rating System

    This short tutorial will guide you through a hypothetical process of adding a movie rating system to a movie database site. Goes over the PHP code and MySQL queries.
  • Create a PHP Checkbox

    How to check, uncheck, display and have fun with HTML checkbox objects using PHP.
  • Calculate powers in PHP

    In this tutorial, we describe how to calculate square, cube and higher powers using math functions of PHP. We also say how to avoid possible pitfall by using syntax from other languages.
  • Calculate square roots in PHP (and other roots too)

    A tutorial explaining how to calculate square roots, cube roots and other roots in PHP, with a little background too.
  • Calculate Net Present Value (NPV) in PHP

    A guide to calculating net present values, or NPV, using a PHP script. First we give a bit of background as to the theory, then show you how to create some PHP code to do the calculation.
  • Laravel and Angular for fetching and dispaying

    In this quick tutorial you will learn how to retrieve users from MYSQL server using PHP framework Laravel and then how to make request to Laravel using angular.js and displaying it in a simple table.
  • Advanced User Authenication Handling in CodeIgniter

    This article focuses on user authentication and some best practices to use when building a secure login environment for members of an application. Our goal here is not to simply allow users to login and access members only content and/or features –...