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PHP Calendars

First of all try to collect the necessary information which are important to display the actual month and highlight the actual day. Besides this we want to display the actual month and year informations as well. To do this we need 3 special days informations: 1. The actual day 2. The first day of the actual month 3. The last day of the actual month

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Creating a Calendar in PHP

This tutorial will explain how to create a dynamic calendar from scratch in PHP. There are two functions that will greatly simplify the process: mktime and getdate. The function mktime gets a Unix timestamp from the supplied arguments hour, minute, second, month, day, and year (each defaulting to the current). The function getdate is the opposite, turning a timestamp into an array of date information. See the manual pages (linked) for more information on these functions. Using these functions, it is fairly easy to gather all the information needed to create a dynamic calendar.

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PHP Calendar of Events

This script creates a PHP calendar of events that uses an overlib effect to indicate new events--Javascript must be enabled. The script main class myEventsCalendar.php allows you to add multiple events for each day in a year by calling a simple addEvent method. The calendar then shows a preview of the event in an overlib effect as well as a detail page for further information. For this calendar you are going to need a file to test the main class, and also include the required js. Finally, further modifications to the script are possible once you learn how to use the main class, e.g. adding features, integrating the script to a MySql database etc..

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How to make a PHP calendar

This calendar is made from two parts. On top there are the links to the previous and the next month, and below them is the calendar itself. It will show the selected month name with the year following and the days of the month bellow in a table view. You will need a good PHP editor to help you with your development or if you are experienced enough you can use a plain text editing software such as Notepad. At the begining we have to decide how we are going to pass our parameters. We can use either 'hidden' input fields in out html code or pass them in the URL. In this tutorial we will use the second approach. We are going to need two parameters - one for the "month" and one for the "year".

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Creating Calendar in PHP

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a calendar script in PHP. We will create a simple but good looking - easy customizable via CSS - calendar table.

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Easy Calendar Applications

Here, you will learn how to build your own online calendar using the MCAL library and PHP. The MCAL library offers a common simple interface for accessing calendars that can be stored in many different formats. Full source code provided.

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