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PHP get current page URL

Detailed description how to get current page URL with PHP using code examples.

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Easy Navigation

This is a brief tutorial on writing a simple script for easy page navigation using PHP, without use of the code-heavy switch() function normally chosen for this type of script.

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Creating a menu system

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple menu system with 2 levels. You can easy integrate it into your site to get a nice and easy editable site navigation system.

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Paginating large paragraphs or text entries

Learn how to split large stories into pages each contain X sentences each.

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Dynamic (2 level) navigation list

The creation of a dynamic nested unordered list without using any JavaScript code is sometimes a problem because the script needs to "remember" the values, sub values and also the query string from previous clicked links. In this tutorial we will learn how to create a dynamic navigation menu powered by PHP and MySQL only. While using standard HTML elements (unordered lists) itís easy to add different CSS styles later.

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File to display paging

This shows you how can display paging like google in your reports and also shows how you can use serach,sorting etc with your reports and data very easily.

You can find a zip file in download section to display paging on your reports etc.
The paging file lib/paging.php is very useful file for displaying paging option on reports or on large number of data records.
With this file you can display customized number of r...

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Dyanmic URLS using php and mysql

A tutorial with code snipple included that tells you how to generate links with URLs such as index.php?ID=5 and such. Very easy to follow.

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