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Purchase Order Software - ASP Web Application
Purchase Order Software (Multiple User) - is a web application that resides on your organizations computer. Allow your company personnel to use their web-browsers to connect to a centralized database for the purpose of creating, approving and tracking purchase orders. Purchase Order Software Features: Easy-to-use Purchase Order Entry System. Create Professional Looking Purchase Orders. Enter Multiple Divisions and departments for your Company Enter Separate Ship To and Bill To Addresses. Designate who can create purchase orders and who can approve purchase orders. Multi-level groups for creating, approving and applying payments to purchase orders. Track Purchase Orders by number, date, company, division, project number and vendor. Ability to mark-off partial orders. Manage the LifeCycle from order placement through receiving goods and payments. Install on your Intranet or Internet. Built with ASP - source code included.
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PriceUSD 199.00
Combinable FEDEX, USPS, UPS - all rates simultaneously!
Combinable FEDEX, USPS, UPS is a program template that you can configure to return all shipping rates, already sorted ascendingly by shipping cost, that you can present as a "form-select" pulldown menu or a RADIO BUTTON selection from FEDEX, USPS Domestic. UPS - ALL AT THE SAME TIME! You may enable/disable any of the options: FEDEX GROUND, FEDEX EXPRESS, USPS, or UPS just by uncommenting/commenting a line. This is designed to be used as a very easy and simple include file that you can add to any of your ASP pages. There's more.. we also included a FILTER capability so that you can easily disable any shipping options that you do not want to appear in the selection list. We felt this is important because most shippers do not use certain shipping options, simply for practical reasons. Complete with example pages and easy to follow instructions. 100% ALL SOURCE CODES INCLUDED Free technical support. The easiest shipping script to integrate with your asp pages.
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PriceUSD 94.95
aspXstream UPS RealShip Component
This component connects to the UPS Quick Cost system sends your package information and returns the proper shipping amount. Perfect for web developers looking for a shipping solution. Easily integrates with any asp shopping cart. aspXstream RealShip 2.0 consists of RealShip2.dll, sample asp coding, setup.exe and installation manual. Only $9.95 Requirements: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 Server. IIS 4.0 or greater.
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iisCARTship gives developers, and ultimately consumers, the choice of shipping companies with over 25 shipping services from the 3 largest shipping companies and, more importantly, redundancy should a given companies system be inaccessible. iisCARTship will return real-time shipping rates from any combination of the United States Postal Service, Federal Express, and United Postal Service. In addition, the return can be limited to the specific services of your choice. iisCARTship´┐Żs powerful collection returns real-time shipping data which can be easily formatted to meet your needs in a table, drop down combo box or group of radio button.
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Results 1-4 of 4