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Image Galleries

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Image Studio - ASP
The auto gallery (ASP) feature of Image Studio removes the setup and maintenance activities from your task list by automating the process. Whenever you add a new thumbnail and image pair to a specified folder on your webserver, Image Studio automaticall picks up this addition and adds it to the viewer at runtime. Image Studio accomplishes this automatic configuration by scanning your resource folders (for thumbnails and Images) and constructing the resulting gallery based on the contents of your resource folders. This means that additions or removal of images from these folders is automatically reflected in the gallery viewer. It is possible to customise the visual aspects of an Image Studio implementation through the use of themepacks. We implemented an auto-gallery for each of the standard themepacks that ship with Image Studio. In total there are 11 themepacks including the default look and feel. Now available as a Dreamweaver Extension!
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Dynamically Changing Static Web Galleries
This article explains how to dynamically change static HTML Web galleries so that the Web galleries match the color, layout, and design of a Web site. It first discusses some tools that will create static HTML Web galleries, then it describes reasons these static Web galleries will need to change. Finally a detailed description of how to actually implement these dynamic changes to static Web galleries will be presented. Source code available for download.
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Results 1-2 of 2