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Scuba Diving Buddies
The Scuba Diving Buddies Address Book is a fantastic desktop software program designed to keep you in touch with all your scuba dive buddies. It's simple to use but still packed full of features. If your like me and meet new scuba friends every time you go diving and exchange numbers you'll find this software to be one of the most useful scuba diving contact address books made! This NEW Scuba Diving Buddies Address Book lets you add all the valuable information needed, plus it includes a one of a kind built in email function so you can email a buddy to buddy contact. Other features include exporting to Excel CSV, MDB, XLS, SCP, CVS, WRI and Best of all it will even create a searchable Web Page that you can put on your website! Of course you can Search, Print, Copy, Delete, Sort and Replace along with creating additional Databases. Plus you can even include a picture of your Scuba Dive Buddy for reference.
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PriceUSD 19.95
Results 1-1 of 1