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Live Animator Pro
The Animator Pro product is both a DATA SHOWCASING Tool & a Data Grid. It is extremely powerful and ANIMATES & MODIFIES LIVE Grid borders, backgroundcolors, fontcolors, fontsizes, fontweights, leftborders, fonttypes, pretext,topborders, posttext, rightborders, row heights, column widths, bottomborders etc for a range of cells, rows, columns or entire grid. These animations may be STARTED, PAUSED, RESUMED or STOPPED LIVE!. Unlike other plain data grids, the product could be configured to OPTIONALLY DISPLAY or HIDE GRID COMPONENTS - header, vertical scrollers, horizontal scroller, separator, rowno, control row, datafinder, buffer. Five of these, in addition, could have their properties such as borderstyle, backgroundcolor, fontcolor etc further configured to suit corporate brand. The product has a very rich API - 35 user functions - available for the developer.The grid�s data may be manipulated or viewed through row addition, deletion, ordering, editing, viewing, searching, row and/or column selection and scrolling. All data functionalities may be effected through function calls or, in the case of data ordering, searching & selection, may also be visually done on the table. In addition, the object implements a new concept called CHOSEN (Controlled Hovering, Ordering & Selection ENgine) that enables a developer to enable or disable a range of rows or columns ability to be hovered, ordered or selected. The Live Animator Pro, though would accept unlimited number rows, performs most effectively when number of rows are kept to a minimum say 200 rows.
(3 ratings)
Price 35.00
Are you dreaming of a white christmas? Install this ultimate snowing-script and put your visitors in the right mood for Christmas. No images required. Easy configuration of snowtype, number of snowflakes, snowing-zone, speed and colors. IE5x/6x/7x/8x, FF2x/3x, Opera 7x/8x/9x/10, Google Chrome 3x/4x/5x/6x.
(55 ratings)
Flying Cupids script
Summon a group of Cupids to circle about on your webpage, then disappear, with this DHTML effect. A great accessory to put up during special occasions such as Valentines.
(6 ratings)
Animated Image
This script is useful if you need to animate an image other then a *.gif. It does require some customization so only experienced developers should use it. It allows you to set the time interval for images to change.
(24 ratings)
Results 21-24 of 24