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Frameworks and libraries offer rapid application development by providing reusable code wrapped in either functions or API. In this section, you will find a selection of different PHP Frameworks along with their related resources like tutorials, scripts, books and other tools & utilities.

CakePHP Framework(29)
CodeIgniter Framework(14)
Prado Framework(5)
Symfony Framework(1)
Zend Framework(7)
  • Prado Portal

    Prado Portal is a Portal/CMS based on PRADO, a PHP based framework. The difference between Prado Portal and other systems is that you can edit any page visually, by adding Portlets to the page, no need to go through long menu paths to add contents to...
  • Facebook Style Wall Script

    This script is developed in Codeigniter framework and it is very good for Social Networking Sites. Main Features are Post comment on Wall, Share Youtube Video, Share Website Link, Like/Dislike Comments, Comments on any user post.
  • ∞ Pimcore Experience Management (CMS/WEM)

    Pimcore is a free and open-source web content management platform for creating and managing web applications and digital presences. Pimcore features award-winning single-source and multi-channel publishing functionality making it easy to manage, upda...
  • VaM Cart

    VaM Cart - Open Source CakePHP Based Shopping cart. * Easy Installation. * SEO - Search Engine Optimization. * Unlimited Categories, Products. * CakePHP, MVC, Smarty. * Multi Language, Multi Currency. * Templatable. * Open Source. * Automati...
  • Microcerts - Online Examination System

    OES is a web-based examination and quiz system implemented using Laravel framework. It uses JQuery and MYSQL database. OES system will give your users such as students the option to take exams online and get the results immediately they finish. The s...
  • Symfony Contact Form

    Create a contact form in Symfony using Form Builder. The contact form will be connected to the SwiftMailer Bundle so that the visitor could receive acknowledgment that the message has been successfully sent.
  • BurgeCMF

    An Open Source MVC Content Management Framework based on CodeIgniter Features Multi-language admin and customer environments Multi-user admin environments with ability to set access level for each user Default view files for diffe...
  • Coderity

    Coderity is an "out of the box" CMS for the CakePHP framework, available on GitHub under the MIT license. Elegant, simple to use and install, Coderity provides a easy to use, straight forward Content Management System for CakePHP 2. Coderity is...
  • CakePHP

    Cake php is the world best programming language.Cake php is the world best programming language.Cake php is the world best programming language.Cake php is the world best programming language.Cake php is the world best programming language.Cake php i...
  • ShopGo

    ShopGo is a free PHP script created by using Zend Framework 2. With ShopGo you can easily create your own online store where you will be able to sell anything. Just install the ShopGo script and your store will be ready to use. Demo video: https:...