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CartKeeper CKGold
posted bycartkeepinPayPal
Cartkeeper offers CKGold an innovative shopping cart that can also be used as a catalog. CKGold features include; Sell DOWNLOADABLE products, BATCH EDITOR, modify/add/delete multiple records at one time. GLOBAL OPTIONS allows one option to be shared across many items. CROSS PLATFORM WYSIWYG EDITOR, enhance product and category listings and manage non-product pages. PROMOTIONAL CODES, time limited, set thresholds, percentage off, free shipping, dollar amount off, unique or multi-use. WHOLESALE DISCOUNT, per item discount, min. qty thresholds. FREE GOOGLE BASE and GOOGLE MAP submission tools, integrated in admin. USER MANAGEMENT, manage wishlists, billing, shipping and repeat logins. CKGold supports popular payment gateways including PAYPAL WEBSITE PAYMENTS PRO w/EXPRESS CHECKOUT and standard PAYPAL IPN - along with other popular gateways. USPS and UPS shipping calculators for accurate shipping. FREE EVALUATION download is available.
(103 ratings)
PriceUSD 79.95
Linklok for Paypal
posted bysalesinPayPal
Allows secure access to your digital products (software, eBooks etc) after successful transaction on Paypal. Uses Paypal's IPN and PDT systems coupled with Linklok's unique download link system for security. Download links do not show location of file on server and can be set to expire after several minutes, days or years if required. Supports multiple currencies, unlimited products and multiple downloads per order. Linklok is very secure as there is no way to bypass Paypal. Versions available for other payment processors as well. Supports Mailchimp, GetResponse,Amazon S3, Dropbox, Kunaki, Sendgrid and PDF Watermarking.
(301 ratings)
PriceUSD 29.95
Lizard Cart
posted bytsinPayPal
Lizard Cart CMS is a database driven e-commerce content management system using php /mysql on a unix platform. It has PayPal IPN, LinkPoint, Worldpay Authorize.net intgration with more to come. For those who have a merchent account at there bank it includes a way to store Credit Card info encrypted on the server using mcrypt. It uses a key for encrypting/decrypting cc numbers to and from the data base in SSL. It includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) online editor and you don't need any special knowledge of HTML code. You can even cut and past a Word Document right into your pages.
(12 ratings)
Quik N EZ Store Creator for Paypal
posted bymichele602inPayPal
Completely Customizable & Editable Paypal Store and full web site. No database required. No HTML - no coding needed. Ideal for the novice user. This is a full web site powered solely by PHP. Comes with: Guestbook, Sitenews Page, Chat Room, Ecard Page, Users Online, Newsletter, Favorite Links Page, Contact Us Page, Counter, ability to create as many pages as you want and add as many products as you want, ability to change the site look at will, ability to change the menu, buttons, text, background and more. Add pictures, prices, tax, shipping, etc. Step by step setup instructions included. ~*~ HotScripts Rocks ~*~
(9 ratings)
posted bysupportinPayPal
phpaypal is a set of scripts that read from a database and display products with links to the PayPal service. This application is meant to be an end-to-end turnkey solution that will quickly enable any business to build an e-commerce solution for their web site.
(6 ratings)
Results 81-85 of 85