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MyKazaam Mail File Downloading Utility
This script allows you to offer files to be downloaded from your website only by email. This eliminates fraudulent email addresses when your user submits a request to download a file. When your visitor submits the required information, the server replies with the file that they wanted to download, attached in the reply message. Allows you to interface the script to handle numerous files. Demo it at our download site.
(3 ratings)
This class implements an email auto-response system. It accesses mailboxes via POP3 or IMAP protocols and sends out automatic responses emails to the messages foun in the inbox folder. Currently it implements three types of auto-response: * Send a response message using a given file * Send response message using contents read from a given Web URL (in this case the email subject has the URL request) * Send a custom response message generated by the current script The response messages may be in plain text or HTML. After the auto-response is sent, the mails are marked read or can be deleted. This class is meant to be used from tasks run periodically for instance as cron jobs.
(7 ratings)
Infinite Responder - Free Autoresponder Script
Have you ever wanted a completely customizable autoresponder script? To set the times you want? For as many messages and users as you want? For as many lists as you want? Infinite Responder is GPL-licensed autoresponder and newsletter script. It uses an efficient email cache system to ensure delivery. Unlimited lists, multi-part html, bounce handling, both sequential and absolute timing, numerous subscription options, unlimited subscription forms, personalized tags, and much much more. Plus, it's free! That's right. Cost: Zero, zip, nada, zilch. The biiiig goose-egg. I've released it under the GPL. Perfect for email campaigns, autoresponder courses and more! New version available! Updated for 2007, take a look!
(115 ratings)
Alstrasoft Autoresponder Pro
AlstraSoft Autoresponder Pro is a powerful autoresponder email software with a paypal integrated membership system that delivers information to your customers and then automatically follows up with them multiple times, with personalized messages. Features include: create/edit autoresponders, send mail broadcast, create/edit newsletters, manage prospects, email tracking, mailing list management, mass import of mailing list, real time statistics, auto generate HTML forms, email confirmation after registration and more. You can now start your own autoresponder business by offering membership services and earn profits by competing with the big boys
(39 ratings)
PriceUSD 160.00
Results 21-24 of 24