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Bing-GPT-Fine-Tuned-Voice-Assistant - Cover Image
Dual AI Interaction: The script can interact with two different AI engines, Bing AI and GPT-3.5 Turbo, enabling users to access a wide range of information and perform various tasks. Wake Word Activation: Users can activate specific AI engines by using wake words, allowing for seamless and intuitive interaction. Bing Chat Integration: The script can interact with Bing Chat, enabling users to query current data and information that Bing AI can search on the web. OpenAI Whisper Transcription: It utilizes OpenAI Whisper for local transcription, enabling the script to convert spoken words into text for processing. Voice Input and Wake Word Detection: Users can provide voice input, and the script includes wake word functionality to trigger voice commands based on the specified wake word. Continuous Looping: The script runs in a continuous loop, allowing for multiple interactions without needing to restart it manually. Text-to-Speech Capability: Although not fully implemented in the lecture, there is a plan to integrate text-to-speech capability for a complete voice interactive experience. EdgeGPT Integration: The script integrates with EdgeGPT for specific tasks, such as answering questions or providing information. User-Friendly Setup: The script provides instructions for setting up and using the voice assistant, including steps for installing dependencies and obtaining access to required services. GitHub API Project Integration: It leverages an open-source project on GitHub to access Bing AI, overcoming the lack of a publicly accessible API. Flexible Wake Word Configuration: Users can easily configure the wake word to suit their preferences or needs. Voice Interaction with AI Engines: The script facilitates voice-based interactions with AI engines, making it suitable for hands-free tasks and voice-controlled applications. These features combine to create a versatile and powerful Python voice assistant capable of interacting with multiple AI engines and performing various tasks based on voice commands and wake words.
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PriceUSD 280.00
Simple program for encoding different kind of audio formats: wav2mp3, wma2mp3, mp32ogg. You can encode single files or an intere directory The program is under development, more audio formats will be added.
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Results 1-2 of 2