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POPUP Ads (for Inout Adserver)

Popup ads appear in a new window either on first click or on page load, which is more likely to be clicked by the users.

Social Tab Addon (for Inout Search Engine)

Modifies your search engine to support feeds from 10 social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker etc .

Instant Search (for Inout Search Engine)

As per the requests of our clients we have developed an ajax based result as addon for search engine.

Cost Per Action (CPA) Ads (for Inout Adserver)

Using CPA, desired actions are tracked and charged accordingly from the advertiser.

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Good user experience and flow of design

Reviewed by Rajat Dhameja on Sat, 5th December 2020
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Always on the look out for new templates such as this to elevate the design and user experience of my healthcare portfolio. Often, people managing their business as self employed or independent contractors have fewer resources in terms.of content management and design elements to showcase their professional portfolio. This template is my first "save" items since it appears to be ideal for my website and executive portfolio. I'm a medical doctor turned hospital administrator and work with hospitals and managed care organizations.

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