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Average Member Rating: 3.42/5

Horrible Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 25th May 2006

Rating: 1 - Poor

This is one of the worst scripts I have worked with. First of all the layout of the files is a little odd. For some reason I cannot change the font from times new roman to anything else without getting lots of errors. And if you don't put the license number in then you get tons of errors on the site that you wouldnt know has anything to do with the number unless you just happened to put it in. The script says you only need to put the number in if you are making money, im not so I didnt.

[email protected] Fri, 27th April 2007

There isn´t even license checking in PHP MatchMaker so far, so I find this review a bit odd. Stylesheet is plain text file you edit yourself, how can that crash?

Terrible Software even worse service Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 7th July 2005

Rating: 1 - Poor

I bought this software and paid for an install the manufactures could not even get it installed correctly it was very "buggy". Buyers beware!

For the money, not bad Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 9th February 2005

Rating: 4 - Very Good

For the money, it's not bad. It's open source and does the job. It is by no means a detailed package and it has its flaws.

Nice script ! Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 31st July 2003

Rating: 5 - Excellent

It doesn´t have all the blocking features that other script I have looked at have. But the flash chat and matching process, along with a powerfull field setup process, impressed me and I found it way better that similar programs, at a lower price. And when the author tells me that features for blocking users outside will come soon, it will be even better! It also have a nice and easy template-set. You will need to know a little PHP in order to make it fit your site perfect, but mine looks nice:)

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