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Web Stats and Traffic Analysis
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Real Time Website Statistics and Traffic Analytics, provides you with features available only in expensive enterprise-class softwares and unique feature you won't find anywhere for FREE. Extensive report pages, path analysis, graphs and charts, detailed information about latest visitors, multi-language, multiple website from one interface and more with an innovative usable user interface. You only need to upload some files to your server to install TraceWatch.

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3rd January 2005
Last Updated
11th February 2009
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(273 ratings)
Average User Rating: 4.5/5
Great raffic monitoring software.
Reviewed byAnonymousonTue, 28th November 2006
Rating 5 - Excellent
TraceWatch provides useful site traffic data via an intuitive interface. I found TraceWatch easy to install & configure. The php code is encrypted placing me at the mercy of the developer for bug fixes & added features but seeing as it is released free of charge and no bugs appear to inhibit every day traffic monitoring I have no complaints there. Overall this is a good traffic monitoring application worth having installed to provide information about site and page visits. (TraceWatch V0.234)
Reviewed byAnonymousonTue, 25th October 2005
Rating 5 - Excellent
excellent piece of software, I've installed it and now can track different sections of my site independently - it provides different stats areas that I found quite useful. The interface is very nice and easy to use, gives good stuff for analysis. The only suggestion that I might ask for is to make reports for arbitrary periods rather than only daily and monthly.
Easy Install
Reviewed byAnonymousonFri, 29th July 2005
Rating 4 - Very Good
Great easy install, good documentation, wish it would report instantly though as my tests dont come back immediately
Some thoughts about security & support
Reviewed byAnonymousonMon, 18th July 2005
Rating 1 - Poor
This software does offer some very nice features and functions. There are two or three things about it, though, that make me wonder wether it is as good as most seem to think: 1. PHP is a scripting language; almost any available PHP script is in plain text so that you can review the code that is executed on your sever. This is true, even if the application is not licensed as Open Source. TraceWatch is written in a way that obstructs and scrambles the plain text so that no one can say what it is really doing. That makes me wonder, because TraceWatch does not cost anything. It is still forbidden to reverseengenier the code so as to check it. Without a testing server specially configured for that purpose, it is impossible (without breaking the license) to tell wether it is seeking contact to its creator or whatever else it might be doing. One of the problems involved is that TraceWatch requires access to a database, for instance, or could be used as a spam relay or DoS base or whatever ... I am not saying, it does any of these things, I am just stating that there is no easy way of finding out if it does. 2. A visit is identified based on the IP of incomming user. This is rather odd, since it does not yield any usefull results. Anyone having more than one computer behind a router, for instance, will be counted as one visitor. That would be true for home users with a LAN and almost any coorporate users. Why not use a session identifier? That way, a user could be identified by his browser, which would render much more usefull results. 3. I and some buddies of mine mailed the author of TraceWatch these concerns and thoughts via his website feedback form a few weeks ago. We are still waiting for any reaction ... So, while I think the applications is very nice and could come quite handy, I will not use it on any site I run. Reasons are that I do have some security concerns and that I do not need information about the IPs that visit my sites but about the people doing so. Regards DerDoof
This is it.
Reviewed byAnonymousonSat, 23rd April 2005
Rating 5 - Excellent
This is it. The website stats program I've been looking for for five years. It has features that I didn't even know I wanted, after looking at and trying more than 40 free site stats programs. Install instructions are clear and accurate, features are usable, interface is easy to operate and read. It even tracks non-php pages! You could pay $60 a month for these features elsewhere - or you could spend an hour or so installing TraceWatch, depending on the number of html pages in your site. Two cautions: Ensure your database user has the LOCK_TABLES privilege on the database you're using (you may have to get your ISP to assign this), and unless your database user can do more than 50000 questions (max_questions resource) don't try to use the IP-to-country file. But these are well worth it!
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