Bizplexus System Editor's Review

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Bottom line

"Although Bizplexus is relatively new on the scene, its modular approach to site and office management makes it an attractive solution that easily rivals the well-entrenched players." - Ahmad Permessur, Editor -

Pros and cons


  • Lightweight and responsive design (works well across desktop and mobile devices).
  • Attractive price model.
  • Cleverly designed modules that interoperate well with the backend.
  • Integrates nicely with 3rd-party services (e.g. email sending providers, merchant accounts)
  • Great use of technologies from drag and drop to cloud-based storage features.
  • Comes with a great website analytics tools that pulls and returns data from Google API in a more succinct way.


  • Some modules appear to lack certain features but are functional.

Detailed review

When first introduced to Bizplexus, it took me a while to define and classify it properly — the front-end made me think of a portal CMS, while the back-end comes with several office and groupware features. I think the best way to describe Bizplexus is as the developers portray it: an office and site management software integrating solutions for efficient business execution. I like this amalgam — I've seen a lot of solutions geared toward either office management or site management, but not both. A product combining both under a single platform promises easier management and probably at a cheaper price.

To me, Bizplexus would appeal to any business looking to establish an online presence or improve its internal business workflow. You can use it as a content management system to power web pages or maintain an online blog or directory, but its true power lies in the available optional modules. The modules range from appointment booking, help desk, storefront, forums, all the way to event management and CRM. As such, Bizplexus will cover most business bases.

Bizplexus is written in PHP and MySQL. In fact, it is based on CakePHP, a proven framework that delivers flexibility, speed, and security. In addition, having the software based on such a popular framework makes development a tad easier than using a homegrown framework or custom coding standards. The application’s architecture is modular, so that you can extend the core functionality or add on new features by enabling different modules.

So, without further ado, let's take Bizplexus for a test drive. Installing Bizplexus couldn’t be simpler — all you have to do is upload the file to your server and run the installer. Its admin area sports a minimal and intuitive interface which belies its powerful features.

The dashboard provides a bird's-eye view of pending activities originating from the different enabled modules. For instance, it will notify you of upcoming appointments, help desk support requests, online purchases, or CRM reminders. You can also switch tabs to navigate to a list of items pending moderation, such as blog entries and classified ad postings.

A big plus is that the Bizplexus modules integrate seamlessly into the front-end and back-end. Once enabled, they sit in the admin area with their own set of configuration settings and, in turn, integrate with the application's core in areas like the user permission system, ecommerce, notification, and reporting. You can also easily add modules to the front-end main navigation or configure their SEO meta tags. Most of the modules available for Bizplexus are decent — some are extremely well-built, while others are too lightweight for my taste. This is not necessarily a downside — each business has its own needs, so the latter may work very well for some.

Unfortunately, for the purpose of this review, it is not possible to go into depth on each of the modules. I recommend that you take a look at the demo and test drive the different modules and their features.

There are a few more things that I'd like to highlight. Bizplexus has one of the most elegant user access systems I've seen in quite a while. You can create user groups and assign users to them, defining on a per-module basis the type of permission you'd like to grant to each groups. As well, the Bizplexus membership system lets you create either free or paid membership plans and assign different privileges to those. For instance, you can have a plan that asks for a payment to submit help desk support tickets or to post a new classified ad to your site.

Overall, I think Bizplexus, is set for a promising future. It is based on a solid foundation, has some of the most sought-after modules, and comes with great documentation. The pricing model is attractive as well — you can purchase it with all the available modules or purchase a lite version with up to three modules of your choice (with the option of buying more modules relatively inexpensively). If this is the kind of solution you’ve been looking for, or you want to try an alternative to your current system, check out the test drive — I think you’ll be pleasantly impressed.



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