Inout Search Engine Editor's Review

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  • Customization: 5
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Bottom line

"Inout Search Engine is an extremely feature-rich search engine script. It combines different result types, offering a smooth search experience to your visitors – and you can generate some revenue out of the box!" - Ahmad Permessur, Editor -

Pros and cons


  • Great multilingual support – over 14 languages built in
  • Different types of search results supported
  • Support for searching local databases
  • Mobile version of the site available
  • Very fast with its advanced cache with clustering system
  • Plethora of configuration options via its admin area
  • Easy to customize its look and feel
  • Clever tools such as site thumbnails, search suggestions and filters
  • Great customer support offered via email, phone or online chat


  • Reports could be more detailed

Detailed review

Inout Search Engine is a PHP-based meta search engine script that allows you to offer tailored Web and site search to your visitors. The Web search portion of the script makes use of Yahoo’s BOSS or Bing Search API to return results in real time. Results can be segmented into different types including Web, images, videos, PDFs, news or even forums and wikis. You can also add your own search type based on a particular domain name or TLD (domain extension) or even from an RSS feed. Best of all, the script can also be used to return results from your own database tables.

It's great how results returned can be tweaked — you can order, prioritize and mix different result types. There is an option that allows you to display the site screenshot’s thumbnail next to the result as well as a feature that gives you a preview of the result in an inline iframe. A widget is also available for you to allow others to embed your search box on their sites.

There are three great ways you can use the script. First, you can use it to offer search for a particular niche. For example, you could start your own fashion search engine by configuring it to pull results from selected fashion-related sites. Second, you can use it for a targeted geographical location — you can set it to return results from only, say. Brazilian sites (.br TLD). Last but not least, you can use it to power search your intranet from your protected and local databases.

Monetization is one of the script’s fortes — it provides several integrated ways for you to monetize your search engine. It can be configured to display ad codes (e.g., Google AdSense ads) on the search result pages. You can also use it to promote selected Web sites using what it calls "priority results," which allows you to specify domain names for which you want the results to be floated at the top for any search. Finally, you can return searches for products on eBay and Amazon and plug in your affiliate ID.

In terms of customization, the script comes with a couple of built-in skins, and most of the display settings can be changed in the admin area. For advanced customization and tweaks, you can edit the template files provided. The script is fully multilingual and is bundled with a dozen languages as well as a language editor that will enable you to easily translate it to other languages.

Overall, Inout Search Engine is a great solution to start your own search engine. Some better indexing and search features for internal database search would be a useful addition to a great product.



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