Ecommerce shopping cart software: ProductCart v4 Editor's Review

Editor's rating

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Bottom line

"ProductCart provides online stores a great way of standing on the shoulders of giants. It combines powerful store management features with built-in marketing and customer retention tools." - Ahmad Permessur, Editor -

Pros and cons


  • Boasts a nice set of features while staying fast
  • Is compatible with dozens of payment gateways and shipping services
  • Has great sync, import and export features
  • Includes a built-in affiliate program
  • Is secure and PA-DSS validated
  • Has a well-written wiki-based user manual


  • Lack of multilingual support

Detailed review

ProductCart is a mature, stable and flexible ASP shopping cart solution aimed at anyone wanting to start an online store. It can fit any type of business, from selling tangible goods to digital products or services, from either your own inventory or a drop-shopping provider. It has features galore, providing you with easy store management and your customers with a great shopping experience.

The front end of the store combines a sleek interface and sophisticated features with everything literally at your customers' fingertips and no distractions. Integrating ProductCart with your own store design is a snap — all you need to do is edit the header and footer files, and you're ready to go. The product is provided with full source code, allowing you to edit and tweak virtually anything.

The backend looks plain, but do not let that deceive you. It is packed with essential features that allow you to manage your customers and orders in a streamlined and efficient way. The dashboard, for example, gives nice summaries of recent orders, pending customer reviews, and recognized revenue for the current month as well as messages pending reply from its helpdesk. The product import feature is a real time saver and allows you to bulk import products or customers from CSV files into your database.

A great plus is the support of several marketing-related features that enable you to increase your marketing reach and sales potential. You can set up gift certificates, discount codes and reward codes. You can also cross-sell within your different products and categories. As for external marketing, ProductCart allows you to automatically export your product to Google Shopping, Bing Shopping and eBay. You can also generate widgets and showcase products from specific categories on external sites such as blogs or social networks. Finally, ProductCart integrates nicely with Google Analytics’ e-commerce tracking features, allowing you to track, monitor and optimize your conversion rate and ROI.

I personally look for two important things in any e-commerce solution: security and search engine optimization. There is always a security risk when conducting business online, and an e-commerce application that is not secure isn't worth much. The developers of ProductCart have taken this to heart and made ProductCart meet PCI compliance requirements. In terms of SEO, ProductCart not only supports SEO-friendly URLs, but it also allows you to edit META tags for specific products in your store.

Overall, ProductCart is a great foundation for your e-commerce business. It has been around for the last eight years, going through constant upgrades with each revision addressing common e-commerce problems and trends as they surface.



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