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  • For social media

  • I am very pleased with the product I bought In spite of a small difficulty they give 5 stars I strongly recommend them

  • I had an idea of creating a social network for a long time, but was waiting for the perfect script to fit in. and moosocial just perfect for me..bravo Moo (y)

  • The program is really good! I am glad that the developers have not fallen asleep with updates. Make a multilingual, which is very, very important for me. The functionality of the software and the reasonableness of some of the features in detail. Very satisfied with the support!

  • Hi all, I just want to say the guys @ mooSocial go out of their way to help out where they can. Nine times out of ten they can. I have notice with many other script companies don’t have the customer support service we all need. Have needed them to write a few extra pieces of code from time to time and they are always happy to help. Some code I have had to pay fore but it has been a quick turn around and value for money. If you have not decided yet if to buy from these guys @ mooSocial; then take a look around the community forum and ask a few questions. It won’t be long before you having a good chat about how good the script really is.

  • the fist time when I purchase the or script software but not good, because I have to pay each month, now one day, found moosocial when I search on google, I just get in the mooscial web site, and try to purchase this software and install by my self on my own domain, Excellent support and Excellent and powerful script Unlimited members, one time fees , No "Powered by" branding, this software PHP Social netwok Scipt is great, I recommend you guys should buy this software and run with your own domain

  • The folks at mooSocial have been fantastic. They assisted me in getting the product installed on my server and have been so helpful. The product itself is top notch, I did not come across any other product that is so perfect for social media.

  • After a long time looking for a Social Network, and testing several scripts when i found moosocial i've been already impressed with the layout. Clean, and very user friendly. The admin area is very simple to manage. The translations can be made with the poedit software and also with a text editor like notepad ++ The support till now for me the best, they are quik and they have several people to help you out with support tickets or skype. Thank you moosocial for the great work.

  • We had tried many platforms including JomSocial, Dolphin.Pro, And Users Ultra before finding MooSocial. Let me just say that MooSocial is the absolute BEST social networking platform we've seen. The platform is great, the staff are helpful, and the community is helpful.

  • I have a social network thanks to Moosocial. the install is very easy even a beginner web master would manage to install the software the support is very good but be warned you do have to renew this after so long. So in brief: Amazing customer support. Great script recommended 5+ Easy to install Better then most of the other paid scripts out there I have personally tried the rest like datingscripts, phpfox, ect and Moosocial beat all them on cost and features for anyone who wants to see my social network just head to moosocial community page my user name is anonymous I'm an active member on there and have added free custom themes for version 2.2.1 and will continue to help Moosocial and its members in the future. Take care and thanks for reading my review.

  • Simple & Powerful script. Excellent customer support. Thank you Moo Team!!!

  • i used to be with oxwall until i bumped into moo social its got so much more great stuff that wow,ed me the support has been great and moosocial is so much awesome :) keep up the great work

  • Script working very smooth. Code is very clean and modification is easy. Most important part is great support. Thank you guys, i didnt expect this.

  • I think one of the best scripts out there in the market, yet it still lacks many things to add, but I think it's great script. They provide excellent support.

  • If you want to start a social network, consider this script first as it is simple but powerful to start with that comes with a great dedicated support.

  • I was looking for an engine to create my project. I chose moosocial. I was a bit scared at first but eventually, everything goes well. It is very simple and does what is asked. Customization is simple :) Thank you! I recommend it!

  • Awesome script and best social network script out there period. I dont see no bugs and installation was so simple. Great support too!

  • When I decided to start my language exchange community site I looкed hundreds of social software scripts. I accidentlly found mooSocial. I liked it from the first time. I'm using it for 2 years now since September 2012! You can check my own language exchange community built by mooSocial here Script is running perfect. Themes and layots are clean and user friendly. The admin panel is very comfortable. This software is really very good for non-familiar to coding webmasters. Translating mooSocial is very easy. I already contributed with 2 languages packs.

  • I purchased this script a few weeks ago for my Niche. I'm impressed because it very fast to load although it's hosted on shared hosting. Beside that, the code is very clean and easy to customize because it is built on top of CakePHP 2 framework. Customer support is also very excellent.

  • I searched years for a good script, tried many out there, ans spent hard earned money looking for a great script to have a small social site. I was ready to quit, then happened across moosocial. It was a dream come true. You don't have to be a coder to have a great light script.