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Allways OFFLINE Support

Reviewed by Adolfo Leon Barbosa on Tue, 22nd July 2014
Rating: 1 - Poor

I wait all day for Support Online and all day the support service is off line. I made a call directly at phone service and just received a answering machine Bad service

Full featured, excellent script!

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 31st October 2011
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I've seen a few negative reviews on here before writing my own, but I must disagree with these posts. I have had an excellent experience with the devs of Live Help Messenger. Even though the script could still use some optimizations/bug fixes, there are many aspects of it that I was looking for (Windows desktop app / Android app / Customizability), and everything is working great. The devs have been very helpful and understanding during the issues I've had while installing and configuring this script. Highly recommended!


Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 10th March 2011
Rating: 1 - Poor

They have NO customer support and are located in Australia and NEVER return your email question or support questions. Not to mention, they are NEVER online, even though they sell a CHAT script.

[email protected] Fri, 3rd June 2011

Sorry that you didn't receive a response to your emails and support questions. We respond to all emails so there may have been problems with your emails being delivered. Our Live Help chat is online every day from Monday to Friday during our business hours (Australian time zone).

Good but expensive now

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 9th January 2009
Rating: 3 - Average

As another reviewer pointed out, the guy who owns or wrote this script is very snippy and seems to like himself a lot. The script is pretty good, lots of eye candy, has a couple of bugs, but at least the product works. Note, it is locked to domains and copy protected.

[email protected] Tue, 3rd March 2009

We sincerely apologise if you did not receive the high level of technical support that we strive to achieve and also thank you for your feedback. Just to clarify the licensing, our software does not include any copy protection and is not locked to domains. We do license our software on a per domain basis with our single and multiple domain licenses, however there is no code that locks the software to a given domain. All PHP code is available with full source code, there is no PHP files that are encoded or encrypted.

Excellent Software with excellent support!

Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 24th July 2007
Rating: 5 - Excellent

We have been looking for a Live Chat software for a very long time now and we're very happy to have found Stardevelop. The fact that we need only a Live chat system without a helpdesk software meant that we had so very little to choose from in the market but Live Help Messenger came to our rescue. Not only does it look great but the usability on both the client's end as well as the admin's is very easy and convenient. 5 Stars!

Live help messenger.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 13th February 2006
Rating: 3 - Average

Bought it today. Asked a few questions on line, after 10 minutes I got the, 'can I help with you anything else' or 'go away, I wanna do something else from a guy called Luke' Bought it anyway. Geo IP location does not state city as well as Country? Why I do not know? The admin panel is slight buggy with regards to viewing, they recommend Firefox? Seems strange considering it is geared towards Windows. I will prolly add to this. I only got it a few ours ago. Not bad though! :)

Great Application

Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 6th December 2005
Rating: 5 - Excellent

When looking for a chat program to add to my website, I tried over 10 different ones before settling on Live Help. This program not only works as advertised, its one of the least expensive chat programs out there. The interface is excelent. The installation was straight forward and the documentation was very helpful. With the company in Australia, there tech support is spotty at best, but the product itself makes up for any shortcomings in support. I highly recomend this product!

Live Help

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 18th November 2005
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I like it. I reviewed several comparable products and decided that the price was inexpensive, it had all the features I needed and it was nicely designed - graphically. Recently it was upgraded and I like even more. Totally worth a very serious look. I would not change.

What a great tool.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 19th October 2005
Rating: 5 - Excellent

WOW! I am so glad I bought this package. This has to be one of the best (if not *The* best ever written help desk software package out.) I have researched and trial tested many, many other packages, even one's that cost 5 times the price of StarDevelop's solution and let me tell you straight up - This one takes the cake in all departments. The only thing I can fault them on is that thier help docs - they need to be more organised. Their support team are fantastic, fast, friendly, and patient.

Very bad software

Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 4th October 2005
Rating: 1 - Poor

I must say I am very disappointed with this software... First of all, it has a very complicated structure. I also noticed it is not flexible at all - it even requires you to install it on a "livehelp" directory on your root directory! Second, its interface is nice, but too "heavy"... Imagine a dial-up user loading all those graphics! I really think this software isn't worth the price they ask...

[email protected] Wed, 19th October 2005

Our Live Help web-browser interface contains minimal images and these can be fully customized to suit your needs. At this stage we require the /livehelp directory for an installation so that the Live Help Messenger Windows application does not require configuring. Thank you for your feedback.

Copyright obsessed author

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 11th March 2005
Rating: 1 - Poor

Eye candy that works but is very flaky. Developer has a bit of an attitude and beware that you'll have copyright notices all over the software and links back to their site on every page. The back end is remarkably bare in the admin panel and you can get much more value than this for over $100 - and much better support and forums where you can get answers instead of waiting for the good graces of the developer to get back to you.

Not only an excellent script ...

Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 8th July 2003
Rating: 5 - Excellent

... it does have a neat design and premium support to. Absolutely recommend if you want all of this for a friendly price!

livehelp by Star Develop

Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 8th July 2003
Rating: 5 - Excellent

This is a fantastic support solution that provides me with a real time chat service for my clients,who have found it very easy to use as well. Livehelp offers a wide range of functions,online/offline status, multiple chat sessions. Daily Reports,statistics and more.I love the unique,friendly design,and NO monthly service fee and the FREE lifetime upgrades.