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  • Although osTicket has been abandoned for quite some time, it is available through Fantastico/cPanel installations, and it is built into HelpCenter Live. It is easy to install and use, and if you're ambitious enough to try it, you can fix bugs in the core when they arise. Unfortunately, someone using the osTicket name has been promising a v2.0 for over a year and a half, leaving some very angry hapless visitors on their forums.

  • I downloaded and install osTicket 1.3 and everything seems ok. Except for a few errors that I had to fix on my own. Oh and BTW they don't even have a downloadable version! At their forum they have been promising 2.0 for a year now and I am sick of waiting! I'd reccommend that you find another helpdesk, this one isn't worth it. The support is junk. Don't waste time find another product. Thumbs down all the way.

  • Its been quite a while that a robust and highly scalable Ticket Support System has been added to the database and somehow the spotlight is on osTicket, not only it install within minutes, you are guided by the script itself on the parameters that you should change or add, best of all it utilizes MySQL for all the database input. This script is written entirely in PHP which makes it perform fast, and highly stable.