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Unstable software with unstable support

Reviewed by Phyerboss on Wed, 11th April 2012
Rating: 1 - Poor

DO NOT BUY! Over 5yrs ago I purchased this script as I was looking to use it for my small web hosting service. At 1st the script seemed alright despite a few problems. Which were solved by our web developer. But over time things begin to start falling apart. The script itself is high unstable. At 1st the authors were helpful and assisted us in trying to ressolve the issues. But apparently one support requests too many seemed to have caused them to decided to go against their own "lifetime support" policy. The ignored all emails from us and due to the license. My developer could only do but so much to patch it up and keep this crippled script going. Unfortunately, it was not enough. And we had to shut the service down.