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  • There's a bit of learning curve if you don't know any html or CSS at all. But I stuck with it an dsoon got the hang of running/building my own site. Love the Jamrrom hosting service- includes all pro support and faaaast servers. I'm super happy on Jamroom for over 2 years now- they never let you down.

  • UWE Bristol library creates and publishes its learning resources using Jamroom. These materials are authored and published by a tema of librarians. We request new features from our web developer who can deliver them quickly and reliably due to the extensible module system and clear code. Since moving to Jamroom our workflow has been transformed, the quality of our learning materials is greatly improved, and we are far more in control of our publishing. Completely happy with Jamroom - highly recommended!

  • In August 1998 440MUSIC.COM was a simple listing service and in March 99 we up-dated our site to include streaming media. In December 2006 after watching JamRoom develop for 3 plus years we switched over and now we are running a full multimedia web site thanks to JamRoom. The forum community is very helpful and often you find the developers answering questions and working with you to find the right answers. If you are looking for a full feature multimedia social networking program JamRoom is the answer. Version 4 has made several huge changes and if you understand the basics of PHP you will it very easy create a custom design. I gave the JR a 4 out of 5 because there are a few glitches that hamper users trying to create a new account. The Support Forum is a 5 because when you need help you often get it with-in a few hours. The Forum Community has many users who have at one time or another needed help and now they give back when they can.

  • I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I think this script is the best in music portal software. Based on smarty templates it can be customized easily. Moreover they have very nice packages like bonus pack, payment pack etc allowing to develop site gradually.

  • I purchased Jamroom about 4 to 5 years ago and i must say it is an awesome script, its very easy to use and you can do just about everything with it . you can change anything instantly and give it your own feel and the jamroom forums offer lots of fast and knowledgeable support

  • I ordered the software and in less than 1hr of placing my order it was completely and flawlessly installed. I should also mention that after they did the install I asked them to move it to a new domain. They did it without batting an eye. In the world of excellent software, These guys deserve to be on a pedestal with their pants down to their knees so the competition can kiss their okole's (Hawaiian for Butt). Flawless Service and Well Written Software for the serious webmaster.

  • I have been searching, downloading, installing, testing, and deinstalling software for months, trying to find one program which will work with limted downtime or lockups. JAMROOM is incredible! It figures that it is one of the last programs I tested...but...who's counting. This program is very stable and flexible. The developer did a fine job of thinking the program through. He is musician, and understands what musicians need. Try this program, you won't be disappointed.

  • Have been using Jamroom for an indie music site for 6 months and could not be more pleased. Timely support, excellent customer responsiveness, and great features. For one band or thousands, Jamroom provides what you need. Templates provide an out of box solution for the non-designer but it is highly customizable with HMTL and a basic knowledge of PHP. File security is top notch (and important to musicians). Cheap, too. You would pay thousands for a web programmer to build the same functionality.

  • I use jamroom on two separate sites and have been thrilled with it from the start. It keeps getting better and better, not only with regular updates and new features (it's packed), but really what can be done with jamroom is only limited by your imagination. I recommend jamroom without hesitation to anyone managing music sites LARGE and small. It's awesome!

  • Jamroom is worth ten-times the price. The author provides instant support and the upgrades are always feature-added...

  • I've been using Jamroom for more than a year since the very beginning and I can say is the best script I ever found out there, if you want to run a soundclick or mp3 clone Jamroom is definitely the best choice. Plus the developer ussually updates the code weekly with new features and improvements. Absolutely awesome.

  • I had been looking, for quite some time, for a script that I could use to let users on my web site add content such as music, images and more through a managment system using their own browser. I then came across the JamRoom script. It has everything I was looking for in order to do the things I wanted to do with my web site and more. From having total control over every users information to intergrating it with my existing site, it is a powerful script that is very easy to use with alot of features. As a Website Manager that was created to help musicians get their music online, so their friends and fans could easily listen to it. Its a great tool. Using Jamroom to offer full service music hosting to a growing audience of artists who want to share their artistic vision online, is a must for anyone wanting to run a music website. Similar to other music services, Jamroom can manage the songs, lyrics, information, images and data for literally thousands of artists on one dedicated server. Since Jamroom can be customized to such a great extent, it has become the perfect choice for me and those who want to ensure their web site is unique in its own look and feel. Jamroom is also the perfect choice for individual artists who want to maintain 100% control over their site and its presentation. No longer do you have to deal with internet ads spammed all over your site - with Jamroom you maintain full control over your entire web site appearance and content. Some of the main features that really stood out about this script are that you have a ranking system and a chart system for the artists that sign up on your web site. Allowing you to create multiple charts and even create a virtual battle of the bands on your web site if you wish. Theres also a Featured Artist system, which takes artists that have high ranking marks and features them on your web site. All these features have helped my site grow and will do the same for anyone looking to bring more traffic to their site. The support for the script is by far better than any I have seen out there. The staff replies to all support questions and are very eager to help with any problems you may occur durring the setup process and even after installation. The upgrades are very easy to install and there is even support for the upgrades. Over all, JamRoom support is top notch and you will not find better support for a script of this nature anywhere in my opinion. If your looking for a script to manage all of your musicians accounts on your web site, or just looking for a good script for your band,I would highly suggest giving this script try. There is a 30 day trial period so you do not have to pay anything to try it out which makes it that much more appealing for those who are not sure about using this script.

  • I've been using Jamroom for almost 6 months, and it is an excellent program. If you are looking to build your own music site, this is the software to go with. New features are added often and tech support is great.

  • This script is just fantastic Band management program. Installation was no problem at all and the script itself is awesome. Even non-technical users are able to update their personal sites. The whole output is fully customizable through templates. When I had a question, the developer replied within minutes. A fantastic support community.

  • I first started using Jamroom and a manager for my personal music. After seeing how versatile it is, I realized there is a lot of perks to be added a music community with this script. The Only dynamic music manager I have seen in my 2 years of searching that can handle what I need it for and still be easy to use. Not to mention that a new and better version comes out once a month on average. This is the greatest and if you don't believe me try it for yourself it is free to try.

  • I've been a happy user of Jamroom for more than one year now. The feature list gets longer all the time as the developer brings out new versions regularely (user feedback/suggestions included). Installation and handling of Jamroom is easy to do, creating custom templates is a bit more complex - but you can also use one of the included themes. Jamroom is definitely the best bandsite manager out there...