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  • I really like DATING PRO. My friend told me about it. I started using it and I managed to get to know many people. That is wonderful! For example, I dated with my girlfriend here. I think that DATING PRO has a great future. Especially, I like its modern beautiful design. In general, everything is good! 

  • The software for Dating is created for international, matrimonial, casual niche Dating and social Dating sites. It is through him I was able to meet interesting people, for which I am grateful. Recommend for 5+ PG Dating Pro is for anyone who loves to attractive opportunities.

  • PG DATING PRO is a fully featured flexible community builder for international, matrimonial, casual niche dating and social dating sites. No programming knowledge is required to do so. Numerous monetization options will let everyone run a profitable business online. With the help of Dating Pro can create profiles, create and view photo and video galleries, to find and communicate with others, and also to obtain interesting and attractive opportunities.

  • Hello friends! More than three months ago I purchased PG Dating Pro software from HotScripts. Works reliably, qualitatively and without any problems. In this software I like everything. The price of Dating Pro is reasonable enough. A good set of necessary functions. User-friendly user interface, modern design.

  • Hi, Andrew, we are happy to learn that you like your dating site and that you've come across PG Dating Pro on the Hotscripts site

  • It has been a year and they haven't completed the tasks they were contacted to complete. I ordered their Dating Pro dating software to build a dating website. First I needed a few things changed which I paid for in full. What you need to know about Dating Pro software: It is not a real dating website, you will need to make many updates It is build on an old files It is not redundant They have features on it that are more for social media and not a dating website If I was you, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY More reasons: They don't answer their phone They are slow to respond with you have an issue They're very disorganized They have HORRIBLE customer service They do NOT meet deadlines You pay first before they complete tasks which do not mean they will They do NOT follow the instructions you carefully layout for them I'm pushing to get my money back Again, if you are looking to software built, look elsewhere or you will have my same experience. You've been warned

  • Hello, Jack, we would like to apologize for the delays with the responses that happened in the past. Right now, we are doing our best to respond to your messages promptly and deliver on time. To the other concern that you raised: each dating site is, or tries to be, different in its own way. What is considered an essential and engaging part of an online dating experience by some dating site owners, may be considered superfluous by others. We try to accommodate different approaches to the online dating here. Every dating site owner is free to disable the features she or he does not want and add new features that will meet the unique requirements for their specific niche. We find it only reasonable that unique configuration is not something one can get out of the box. Thank you for bringing our attention to the drawbacks in the way our work is organized. We will continue to improve as we go forward.

  • I bought software 6 months ago, Premium licence for 2999$, and nothing works. 849$ for support, and they just fraud me. Server was down for 10 days, scripts don't work...Every few days there is new bug, new problem. It is nightmare. And support is only capable to ignore you.

  • Hello, can you contact us in the live chat or by email/phone please so we can investigate? You will find the contact details on page . Thank you.

  • Their software does not accept recurring payments. They didn't deliever all they promise. You try to find someone to talk to. Good luck.

  • Dear Frank, we are sorry you have had an unpleasant experience working with our company. However, while we fully understand your frustration, we must insist that we have upheld our end of the deal by providing you with the ordered software and additional modules twice, first while you were hosting your site on our servers and then on yours. The issue with the recurring payments was apparently taken for granted from your side and certainly never checked up on with any of our managers before the purchase. We understand that this is an unpleasant situation for you to find yourself in, but we did our best to provide the trial version for your testing and are not to be held responsible if the testing hasn't been done properly from your side. We hope to still carry out a fruitful cooperation with you and help you get your business started. Also, recurring payments feature is an extra option, we will make sure to advertise it properly in the marketplace. Thank you.

  • I advise you not to communicate with the engine Dating Pro ... bought in 2014 for 499 dollars, a lot of bugs, performance by 50%, a lot of trash and on a normal web hosting does not deliver, will not pull (a lot of queries to the database).Support tells tales feeds promises greater month.Money return is not real,but strongly suggest to buy the new version, ostensibly a fully functional, which is very similar to the fraud !!! Look at reviews on the Internet and draw a conclusion !!!

  • Hi, we are sorry to hear that your experience with us has been less than satisfying. The latest versions of the Dating Pro software are indeed better, though, both in terms of functionality and performance, because we're working on them continuously. If you change your mind, we will be glad to give you a tour of the newest version.

  • Paid for Splash Page 3 months ago. Told today they don't know how to install it. What a joke. I email and call them everyday for months and they can't install a simple splash page to my existing site. Paid for installation of the 'free' site and that took just as long and didn't work. Not sure if works now. It's been an absolute nightmare. I think they are cold hearted Eastern Europeans with no sympathy for their customers. It was a struggle even to put my logos on the sites. My page has been shut down for 3 months to install a splash page. Disgusting.

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We investigated the issue and would like to offer an apology for failing to communicate to you what we needed from you to install your site and the splash page, the first time around. Like for example server access and target directory. However we did install the site and the splash page, and they are active now, and we would like to continue the conversation to receive the missing information from you in order to complete the job. Please contact us in live chat or by email at your convenience.

  • This software have to much issues !!!! I bought this software licenses business 50 days ago !! They give me missing plugin !! I asked them why not like in demo ? They said you must pay for to have this plugin !!! After fighting they give me ! Google analytics no work ! They fix ! Membership you can't switch off until now!!! Olney if you delete it!! Search results no work ! They said to me users must write before region and city for Togo out in search !!! In join page they write location , without to write near please write your region and city etc.. I have this software from 40 days ago no one make registration in my site ! Before this software I have a other and every day one new users or two !! No nothing !!! On registration page no upload photo there's !! You can see in they demo !! Why? For to ask them to put it and they will ask you more money!!! You can't make modification in profile field on registration page from admin area ! Only if you understand PHP you can do it from file !!any modification they will ask you money !!! For to make modification for membership and field editor they ask me 750$ more of all software :-):-):-):-) membership don t have more function only 5 thing look into site demo !! Apps Apple no work !!! Stay far from any software they are scammer only skadate master was good but no with oxwall very bad !!! I bought 4 software no one now good !! PG dating pro they don't give you money back like they said !!! Be careful go far or you will lose your money

  • Hello Marco. We are sorry to hear your bad feedback. Speaking about modification, if you need some specific settings, or you wish to modify the standard feature according to your needs, our high-qualified expert team is always glad to help you with it, it is paid service, as additional work and efforts are required in this case. As far as we know all issues mentioned above were resolved, including mobile app. You can come to our chat or submit a ticket if you still have the issues, our support team will recheck.

  • The support team is terrible, they are just asking for money for every support request that need some help. It contains a lot of bugs and if you want them fixed you need to pay for the next version which has new bugs and it's repeated...

  • Hello Kris, We are sorry that you have such an impression. We provide 100% lifetime free technical support. Additional fee is required only when talking about customization changes of the source code. Can you please file a complaint under so we can investigate? Thank you in advance. Your reviews help us to improving our services.

  • I am looking to find a user group for the software so that I can get some help to get a site up and running. So far I think the software appears very flexible but finding out how to understand it is nearly impossible. The live chat works now and then, mainly then, the response times are slow and at this stage I am glad I haven't spent any money. The phone number given seems to ring a phone in a cupboard which is sound proof. I am not sure what version I have been given, I think it is an old one but at least it matches the manuals which can be downloaded, but they are very difficult to understand as a lot of functions are not explained. Having said all that I am still prepared to give it a go if I can get some assistance. Can anyone who uses it respond with a way of helping me overcome my frustration.

  • Hello, Thank you for sharing your experience, it helps us to improve. You can test our latest version of the software by the following link With all your questions regarding our software you can contact us via our helpdesk or chat we will be happy to assist and explain all the functions. We will also investigate the issue with the phone.

  • This SITE is FAKE and SCAM. a animal EDGAR is FAKE and thief the money from me. EVERYTHING IS FAKE , please protect your CREDIT CARD. I ALREADY CONTACT WITH INTERPOL.

  • Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We are a trusted company that is on a market since 1999. You can check our official site here We don't have anyone called Edgar in our company. Could you tell us in more details how did you find him so that we can protect our customers from fakes?

  • Working with their software is a nightmare for any admin. It's right for someone who doesn't mind about ongoing issues, if one issue is resolved the next will happen, simply a never ending story. Even such simple things like the possibility to pass Google's Webmastertools verification process and to submit sitemap with WMT didn't work, need to be fixed. The user interface is OK but the admin interface is a disaster, lack of functions or reports, which are state of the software technology in 2014. As well there is a big lack of required documentation to customize your templates, no response and so on... Their 100% Moneyback Guarantee on their order page is an absolute scream! They aren't willing to give you back not even one dollar! You should think twice before you waste your money. keep your credit card in your wallet, there are far better choices out there.

  • Hello John, We are sorry to hear about your experiences. Might you be better off with the latest version of our script on the new platform? From what we know, you have selected one of the previous versions.

  • I did business with the company because I had a dating website I wanted to make better. I had no problems with them at all. They were quick to do the work for my website, did the job well and did it fast too. I just called their sales dept, someone answered and sent me an invoice, as soon as I paid it they started work and no time wasted. Very good job. They completed the work and was very trustworthy. They helped me set everything up and now my website is running and starting to profit from subscribers on a monthly basis.

  • Thank you for your feedback, Bill. It is true that all owners of dating websites built with PG Dating Pro can contact for ready dating profiles. Find out more on page

  • My name is Emmanuel Okeke, I have been using Pilot group dating pro software for almost a year now, and I can tell you that their have lovely and interesting features. Yes indeed their customer care reply seems to be a bit slow but I noticed their working on making it better. I was once using a script software called "dolphins" (boonex script) believe me when I tell you that "Boonex script" is the worst and the most spamming site script ever, then I found "PILOT GROUP" so I contacted them and transferred all my data to their new script and in just 10 months my site is currently the Nigerian Largest dating site "". Yes their a bit expensive, but you will always get the best from them. Since after designing my site with them I have hit above 70,000 users. Although I will suggest the hire more programmers and more workers to make fixing of bugs or other site designs faster. I will also suggest they include a "live chat" on their mobile app, ( I believe they are working on this) Overall I give PILOT GROUP 75% okay.

  • Hello Emmanuel, Thank you for your honest feedback. It is nice to hear that you are satisfied with our cooperation. We will continue to improve our services.

  • We started mid January 2013 to discuss our customization wishes. It took up to half May to clarify things, because project managers changed and sometimes you can easily wait a week for an answer to an email. So, we spent 4 months to agree on a 40 hours customization job. We agreed May 20 2013 on a 40 hours customization. That means 1 week work. By contract 3 weeks could be spent on this job, after that a penalty would apply. After 9 weeks we took the project away from Datingpro, we simply couldnot wait longer. The deliveries were for 50%-70% wrong. We moved to our own developer and left a handful of bugs to be fixed. Now on January 16 2014 we came back to Datingpro to fix these few leftovers. Again, for a few hours work, we are just waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting. After 5-6 weeks we are maybe half way. Datingpro will seeminngly do any work for you only when they like to. They refuse to give a timeframe, planning or deadline. You can wait sometimes a few days for an email to be answered. Things are promised and then suddenly there is the big silence again. There is no way to complain or escalate your project. We are suffering big opportunity losses by these delays, it is just not acceptable to be put in waiting mode for that long, for a few hours of work. The script itself is fine, it has a broad functionality and works in general properly, but if you start working with the company itself, it will be a nightmare.

  • Hello SMIC, Thank you for sharing your experience. Can you please file a complaint under so we can investigate? We will be looking into improving the services of our Sales&Support and Customization teams.

  • This software is listed as "free". But when you look into it you find that you have to pay and pay and pay.

  • Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We have never advertised our software solutions as free. There is a free trial, then you can test the software in an online demo site, which is free as well. We also offer free installation and free lifetime support. However our products are fee-based. Please view the pricing information here:

  • I wanted to give them a Poor rating but to be fair, ill say Fair. When you first purchase the product, it looks all good, but when you start working with it, there are several things that need fixing. be ready to put in a ton of money to get things fixed and customized. I have been working with them now for over a year and still keep having issues ..some of them they fix and after a while the same issue arises again. The worst thing is how long they take to respond to your issue some times ..not to talk of finally getting it fixed. and then most times you feel like you keep getting the run around. Don't hold your breath if they tell you they will have a manager call you back. To round it up, the initial purchase price is fair for the product, but its the money you keep paying after that to get things fixed that get's you. I think they charge like $40 per hour to work on resolving issues. If I could go back in time, will I purchase from them? They certainly will NOT be my number one option like they were before.

  • Hello Cardio King, Thank you for your honest reply. Do you think if you upgraded your script to the most recent version the issues would be gone? What kind of issues arise? What kind of extra modifications have you ordered? The thing is, extra charges are only required for custom modifications, not for bug fixing. Tech support is free of charge and life-time.

  • I work with pilotgroup software around two years perfect support, cheap and fast custom modifications.

  • Hello Jackson, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We appreciate your comment.

  • PG Dating is a good software for a fair price. It has a number of features that are helpful in certain situations. It would also be nice to have more features for targeting, better seo. Negatives: It was disappointing to see that the software would not initially install on my server. I address the customer care and it took 2 or 3 days to install it.

  • Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We are thinking about further improvements in targeting and SEO in the future releases. Sorry to hear about installation. It might have had to do with server requirements being different from

  • I assure you. Any good reviews were posted by pilot group. The custumer service is the worst i have ever seen. I gave them $3.000 and was promised that my site would be completed in a week. I kid you now, 1 year and 5 project managers later, it still is not complete. I swear i put in about 10 hours a week just trying to get a hold of someone. STAY AWAY

  • Please provide more details about your project so we can investigate.

  • I bought the open source version of PG Dating software all the way back in April because I wanted to customize it. I have spent 8 months now dealing with their horrible and inadequate programming. They say you can use PayPal but I had to pay my own programmer to 1) get PayPal to set up the monthly recurring charges, and 2) to communicate BACK to my site that they had paid! It was a NIGHTMARE. And now, after 8 months of this, I find out the programming is NOT compatible with like they claim, and that it will take another few weeks and $1000+ to TRY to make it work - and even then I'd have to host those payments on my site (which is a security risk and a huge pain). I'm so upset - if I'd known back in April what I know now, I would have spent the same amount of time and money building my own site from scratch. I beg you, don't take the chance - the programming is horrible. OH - and the version I bought didn't support their private phone calls for my users either, as they claimed they do - and they weren't willing to fix it. Nightmare after nightmare......... and their hosting is so overloaded that my site moved at a snail's pace until I got my own server.

  • Hello azdating, Let us apologize about your negative experience. We are working at improving the quality of our software solutions all the time, including payment systems integrations, and we will be glad to provide patches for the malfunctions that you listed. However if any of the items require additional modifications, code customization is necessary, and it is not part of the standard service. Hope you understand. What concerns hosting services, a dedicated server may be better suited for certain needs than an account on a shared server, that is true.

  • Current system we have dated 2011, We have purchase Open sources with Flash Chat in late 2010. For some reasons we could not start work on project until today. How bit was my disappointment when I start to discover ©2011, Dating Pro. I have newer seen such a buggy commercial software and ancient functionality of modules. Some of them are newer worked as advertized. After chat with support my disappointment reach the maximum. I asked for upgrade and bug fix but this "nice people" asked me to buy it. No thank you, we already purchased something that newer worked well, and you asking to purchase it again? So if you thinking of buying products of this company be prepared to get trapped and receive software that newer were finished, and does not correspond to actual advertised functionality. Good luck

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Hello inc, The latest release of Dating Pro solution is 2013.01. There have been a lot of improvements and new features since 2010. We have always provided free upgrades within 1 year after initial purchase. After this 1 year is over, additional cost applies, which is 50% of the product cost. It is still possible to upgrade for the versions released within the first year after the purchase, and it will not cost extra. What you experienced is probably our Sales team offering you the latest version. Bug fix is free of charge and we do not plan on changing that, as technical support is one of our priorities in working with customers. I know that since you posted your comment here, you have come in contact with our Support team and had your site updated to the latest version of the script, and hopefully are more content with it now. If you have any questions, do contact our Sales and Support team. We are here to help.

  • Millions of lonely hearts, enchained by circle of daily routines, try to get out of clinging embraces of Solitude. PG Dating Pro products erases distances and frontiers between countries and continents and gives men and women from different countries the chance to change their Destiny and find Harmony and Happiness on their Life Journey. I am sincerely thankful to Pilot Group Rus Company and to all its employees for assistance in giving birth to my project and for my unique possibility to make my contribution into the struggle with powerful force of Solitude.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Hello Sergey, You are right, it is all about helping people find their matches and bringing them together, be it traditional matrimonial dating or niche communities. Good luck with your project!

  • I have been trying to get Dating Pro running online for months now. The program is under $1,000 and you get what you pay for. Every part of the program had bugs and it takes their support team days and weeks to fix these issues. If you plan to run a dating biz online, look elsewhere.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Hello Datingbiz, We are sorry to hear about your experience. We could not identify you as a customer. Is it possible that you provide an update on how the issues were resolved if at all? We are constantly working at improving our customer services. Any comments and suggestions from your part are welcome.

  • The software is ok, lets put that one to the gound at once.. .BUT BUT ....what they brag about on their homepage is something else.. it does not compare to what they provide .. Their sales and support service is bad; they dont return emails; they dont keep promises they make to you - even if you want to buy something.. or, like in my case; HAVE bought some of their software and want more... So, save your money until they get their act together .. it is stupid to wait for 3-4 months to get the license details sorted out, dont you think ? Go somewhere else with your buck, this site has many bad reviews on the net and there is a reason for it...

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Hello StartDating, We have released two product versions since August and we feel we have the right to believe Dating Pro has become better, both quality- and functionality-wise. Recently a new support system has been introduced (helpdesk and tickets) which should as well contribute to providing better support service, take a look:

  • I will tell you about datingpro. Datingpro owes me well over $5,000 for paying people to do their jobs. They never answer your e-mails or they use the excuse that they never got it. You hear the same crap out of their mouths every day. I have copied several e-mails down over the last year. IMPORTANT! The company has an F rating on BBB site, which means datingpro pilotgroup is a scam.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We are based in Russia, that is why we did not pay enough attention to our rating with BBB agency. Now we got in contact with them and had our information updated, and complaint resolved. What concerns your experience in working with us, you must have ordered extra modifications, because standard product packages cost much less. We regret to learn of your negative experience. Let us know if we can be of help, and maybe you would indicate your name and order details so we can look into the issue.

  • This company offers the worst service. I have been called a lier on several occasions when I was trying to address issues and complaints I received from many of my members. I am currently in the process of requesting a full refunds which is a couple of thousand which I have spend on the script and customizations. I will post an update later..

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Usually issues occur if customer server needs special setup or there's a special requirement a client needs. In this case a customization work is offered. We usually get excellent feedback from our clients when sites are set up. We are sorry for your experience and as far as we know the issue was resolved.

  • I bought a license of Dating PRO, for my dating website. I liked the script since it was far more better than other scripts (until I recently found out about oSDATE which imho is better, and best of all - free) but anyway, for this project I hired their programmer to do custom scripting on their scripting. They charged me around $1khw for the customization, I wasn't happy at all with the customization, they completed only 40% of it, I asked them complete it and asked for another $1k :( bleh

  • Dear Zulu, Our customization service is for extra charge. We charge per hour. You get your manager to discuss your project in advance. So maybe there was some misunderstanding in project development. We have improved our service level since.

  • Before getting into the dating website arena, I researched many products out there and those people that would be making design changes for me. I hve found this product to be of very high quality and very versatile. I have since used this product to create several dating sites and am actually generating substantial revenue from them now. My main concern was outsourcing the work outside of the USA, but the folks with Dating pro have completely made me feel at ease and are true professional. A+++

  • Hello Noah, Thank you for your kind words. We are happy to help.

  • I just want to tell you that I have been a customer of PilotGroup.NET for a couple years now and continue to be amazed with their customer service! I bought their Dating Pro Software and they have been so nice about assisting me and have done so in a very prompt manner. I think their talented programmers and professional staff could teach many companies a thing or two.

  • Hello Steven, Thank you, we are always happy to help. There is a Sales & Support team in our company, and there is a Customization development team where you can 'pimp' your site. You are welcome to contact us!

  • I was in the market for a dating web site that had what the big boys had, without the big boys over price. I came across Pilot Group Ltd. and to my surprise, my web site was up and running within a glance! The support was personalized, prompt, and professional. The features are great! Pilot Group Ltd. has conquered my bookmark and the life-long client.

  • Hello David, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We appreciate your feedback.

  • these people installed the program for me and it did not work. I could not communicate with them in their language and things got frustrating. I asked for my money back and they had the nerve to blame me. I find a product that sells for top dollar that does not work SUCKS big time

  • Dear Pat, Thank you for sharing your opinion. All our managers speak English. We also have French and German speaking support. We are sorry that some misunderstanding happened there. We have improved our services since. The installation scripts and instructions have much more information now then in 2007. Also, we provide a list of system requirements which your server must answer. So it’s a list to check with your hosting before the order.

  • I started my dating site some time ago and I must say when I started I didn't know anything about web sites, Pilot Group has worked with me from day one. Arthur & Live Support has also been my support when things have gone wrong and with all my question they have all ways been very proactive in what ever my needs have been. I'll recommend Dating Pro to any one who is looking at starting an online dating site.

  • Hello Tony, We appreciate you taking the time to leave such a positive feedback and we are always here to help you further if you have any questions/ improvement suggestions. Thanks!

  • I just wanted to thank PilotGroup.NET for their excellent product. I can't even begin to tell you how sincere I am when I say that. Before we have purchased Dating Pro Software like everyone else did, we searched the web to see what other products were out there. NONE came close to the power and functionality of Dating Pro! Within a few minutes you can have your web site up and running

  • Hello George, Thank you for taking the time to leave this great feedback! We will be happy to help you further.

  • Ive been a customer of Pilot Group for more than 1 year and learned quite a lot about Dating business, the way I can administer my site in the most profitable way. Free installation helped to save time and my efforts, technical support is fast and professional. I love it and tend to keep track of Pilot Group events and releases!!!

  • Hello Mike, Thank you for your kind words. We are happy we could be of help to you in learning new skills.

  • I've purchased several dating scripts trying to find a good one and this one is at the bottom of the barrel. It was full of bugs, very problematic, and you can forget about any kind of reliable communication with support. There are better scripts for half price and this one was definitely not production-ready when I purchased it.

  • Everybody has the right for his/her own point of view. If you don't receive a successful customer support, then this is probably our fault - self-improvement is a constant process for our company.

  • I have had Dating Pro for over 7 months and I have had some issues with the software. If you do not know anything about how to install a site they will install it for you. There live chat is awsome but emailing personally to someone can take a little time. All in all they are a good company, you made need a little patience if you do not know anything about installing or editing websites. They will work with you and try to explain how to edit but you need to have some common sense to understand.

  • Hello Brian, Thank you for your comments. We have recently introduced a new ticket-based support system. You might find it more helpful than emailing, although emails as well as phone calls are still available.

  • Today I did receive my refund. Although, it did take a long time and I did not think I would receive it, Pilot Group did give a refund. Their customer service was very good when I had the product. Although there were a few things missing from the product, the product was good and the customer service was top notch!

  • Hello Shane, We are sorry to hear that despite your overall positive experiences you had to stop using the script. Thank you for your comment anyway. We will be glad to help if you decide to come back.

  • This is absolutely the worst company I have ever worked with. I don't know what the laws are in the Ukraine, but in the US, if you deliver a buggy product, the least you can do is be honest and refund the purchase. Not this company! They took days to sendthe software which has horrible documentation and illiterate support, I wasn't even able to install it properly. I am extremely unhappy and feel cheated by this company. Never again am I going with an overseas company to save a buck.

  • Dear Jack, There probably was some misunderstanding. We are located in Russia. You can see it at our contact page: As you know we provide free installation and free support, and we would be happy to assist you too. We are almost 10 years in the market and have managed to make our documentation better. Our support staff speaks good English. We hope you’ll enjoy working with us!

  • I was wrong for that company... She spoke that chat in flash was an innovation... That the chat in flash and the updatings justified the price... Lie... The chat can be found by U$-5,00 in the site x.php. In the same site ( ex.php) it can be downloaded of OsDate gratuitously with the sources... You will see as the sr Sergey did Dating Pro... I was wrong

  • Dear manoveio, May be there was some misunderstanding. We inform all our clients that the chat is from Our innovation is that we've integrated it into our Dating Pro Solution that's why our Dating Pro solution became better with its help. We also have a reference to in our administrative mode in Chat section. Please also view the list of the companies at: ash_chat_chatroom.htm Pilot Group is among them. We are partners

  • I want to commend your entire staff and particularly the ones that man your live chat, they are on your front line of customer service issues and have stayed with me until the proplem has been solved. I am a HUGE customer service person (that is my business here in the states) and let me tell you that some amercian companys could certainly learn something from you on how to treat their customers, you have gone over and above to help me with my new service. Steven Clark

  • Hello Steven, Thank you so much on behalf of our Support team. Recently we have introduced a new support system which is ticket-based. You are welcome to check it on our websites.

  • Pilot Group have been nothing short of proffesional. Not only did they send the product very quickly but spent a long time talking me through it and helping me. i would reccomend this company to anyone. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Hello Alex, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We appreciate your feedback and will be happy to help you further.

  • I've bought this datingscript but it is not working the way it's supposed to. Not all the options/texts are being translated which might be handy if you are using multiple languages. I tried to work it out with the people at pilotgroup but they left me hanging and did not fix my problem for three months and it's still not working. I am trying to get a refund as we speak. I will update this story when there are any changes. Just try out their own demo online, it's also not working. So you have been warned

  • We believe that was a support issue long ago. Currently PG Dating has greatly improved customer service & software quality. Our demos are working. You can try various color schemes we offer. You can also request a free trial for your computer or server.