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  • After a lot of searching for good ecard system, trying many and finding a LOT of pretty basic systems I finally found Postcard Direct. It is perfect. The delivery system, logging, administration systems are all robust, easy enough to use. The multi lingual ability, support for various media are all excellent. The only thing I would say is that the templates are a bit basic, but it is easy to integrate into your sites design. B-) - my site

  • This script is awesome! Easy to install! Just modify a little (more time on templates), and you're on! The MIME encoding ability is one the most powerful and differentiated feature of PostCard Direct. For those who has MIME encoded mail features on their account, this is the best way to send e-cards. This script would be more powerful if it is given an option to send only the card's URL to the recipient, because not all e-mail account can accept images (and also HTML) on their mail, and not all people like to receive an attachment. I think it would be nice if there's a 3rd option : give the recipient a link to pick up their card. Thanks to Postcard Direct! Keep up da good work, guys! Syauqie -------