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  • even though im still a learer in php,cgi and i managed to get the script set up to the point of it getting blank screen on the /getstarted.cgi part. has anyone solved this issue..

  • the script wont install. and ive sent the owner many emails asking for help.. there instructions they add for installing is useless. i got the download software for free. but its usless unless i get it up and running.. i got it as a replacement for my site running phpfox. andpeople wanted a more myspace feel..

  • This is not an "out of the box" script be preapred to struggle with will get little to no help from Tech support or live chat. After they install it on your hosting server, you are on your own. The script was difficult to use before the .5 upgrades. They added new features however, the scrpipt is complicated especially if you are new at this. They boast unlimited free tech support yet I have either not received a response to my request for help, received it weeks later or the response was so vague it did not help. Live chat is hardly ever available and when it says it is, no one replies. The script has potential, but not all hosting sites are willing to help you sort out problems with 3rd party scripts, so be prepared to try to figure it out on your own. I have learned alot on my own by using other forums, because I paid for this product and want to use it. What attracted me to the script was the boast of unlimited tech support and the option of paid customization. If you are a layman with websites and scripts this is the wrong choice trust me...going on 1 year and still trying to salvage this purchase. The Demo is true to the product but you must be a website wizard who is who knows how to write script to customize his script for your use..

  • It's a great Product and works great. They will installed it for you and give you any help you may need. I had the opportunity to speak with the owner without any delay or waiting time Quick and easy to use.

  • I had bought Our Space Script in april 2009 from 2CoolCode 2CoolCode did the free install as it says when you buy script after 2CoolCode did the install site wouldnt even show up I got the run the around that it was my host and I should get a host somewhere else 2CoolCodes Site DOES SAY (100% refund if it doesn't work on your server) I had then requested a refund from 2CoolCode and I was never offerd a refund in fact 2CoolCode just ignored me about day after 2CoolCode did install they had made changes to the install they provided me which the changes made by 2CoolCode are unkown to make site show up after seeing site was showing up I had started to look to figure out how to change stuff around (settings/looks and feel of site) I was told before buying all main links accross the top are able to be enable and disabled and another words you can add and remove menu items you want Example: Like add and removeing Menu Items from a Joomla site what they didnt say is that when you disable a menu item the text for that menu item remains it is not removed from menu I had Questioned 2CoolCode and again got the run around and was ignored by 2CoolCode Then 2CoolCode told me that would be custom codeing would you like a quote I questioned 2CoolCode why it would be custom codeing and could I first have a Working out of box Product 1st again was ignored by 2CoolCode During the first couple of days I had found Multiple Bugs/bad codeing that caused alot of issue Tabbing is a big one everytime the script refreshs doesnt matter were you are on a form etc if you hit tab to go to next line and if the site has refreshed it sends you to http address bar in broswer on top of that there were a number of issues User were not able to upload any type of media or photos users had issues on sign up page broken links with in script for menu items the list goes on another example is in classifieds section there is txt when posting to classifieds that says add to your store I had asked over and over to 2CoolCode where is this store Was ignored again by 2CoolCode I still to this day have no working script from 2CoolCode and I see alot of other people have had same type of problems with 2CoolCode I had also requested refund about about 2 dozen times 1st one being 2 hours after they had done the free install and they refused and I was ignored I had also noticed in the files for site that they were Cooments in code and in readme's that for diffrent programs another words I Do Not Belive That 2CoolCodes Scripts Are Wrote From Ground up by Him/Her/Them/2CoolCode As They Claim SO TO ALL YOU PEOPLE THAT ARE LOOKING AT THERE SCRIPTS BEWARE THERE OUR SPACE SCRIPT SHOLD BE MARKED AS A BETA VERISON & WITH A NOTICE THAT IT IS FILLED WITH BUGS/ISSUES THAT YOU WILL NEED A PROGRAMER TO FIX OR CORRECT JUST TO HAVE A OUT OF BOX WORKING PRODUCT AND NO 2CoolCode JUST BECASUE IT INSTALLS ON A WEBHOST DOES NOT MEAN IT IS FULLY WORKING OUT OF BOX AND THE PRICE SHOULD BE AROUND 0.00 TO 25.00 DOLLARS MAX AND NOT SURE HOW LEGAL IT IS TO EVEN CHARGE WHEN IT LOOKS LIKE ALL YOUR DOING IS TIEING OTHER COMPANYS/PEOPLES WORK TOGETHER TO CALL IT YOURS WOULD STILL LIKE TO HAVE A REFUND IS THERE ENOUGH PEOPLE HERE TO FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT

  • I bought this script and get no support from them at all. It will not run on my server and they will not issue a refund as they say they will. They told me to get a dedicated server. It takes about a week to get a response out of them,But if you contact them about a new inquiry for their services they are quick to get back to you. DO NOT BUY THIS ONE!

  • The Script has tons of problems the guy states if it dont work then he will give you your money back.. lies hes a rip off and even has it set up in paypal so he dose not garentee the product just the shipment of the product,, messed up my server so bad they shut me down.. told me it was my server so i got a new one then he stoped responding to my emails after i got my new server,, the guys a rip off and i,m sure the good reviews are from himself if any one buys this you will get riped off !!!!

  • I was initially very excited about this product, but that was before I bought it and immediately after it was installed. After that, tech support evaporated, and the company tacked on their product name to my domain name, without my prior knowledge or consent. I've called and emailed about other issues, but no one will respond to me at all. I've also read reviews that said that some of the advertised features dont work. I dont know about that, but I wouldnt buy this product again! BEWARE!!!!!

  • I can't say I am as happy as some of the other members on this site. I have to agree 100% with xixmedia. I installed it and had several issues. I had to use dos2unix to convert it to a format that a unix server could understand evan though it was designed for one. As far as technical support goes have yet to receive any. I wouldn't purchase this script unless you like throughing money away. I personally think it should be dropped from hot scripts listing. It's a great idea but needs major work

  • We just bought this script and it works great. Our members love it. They installed it for us the same day we purchased it. The greatest thing about this program aside from all it's features is that it's customizable! We can easily change anything we want. We don't have to shuffle through a ton of code just to change the layout, colors and graphics. This is probibably the best community portal social networking script out there. Works better than everything else we've tried! I recommend it!

  • If you are expecting this script to work, you have another thing coming. The script is very amateur in design and development and has many issues. The Administration console is very limited. When it comes to fixing issues you have to do many things manually and from the previous post as far as customer support goes, they might respond when they feel like it. The little text document documentation is worthless. I really wanted to like this script and spent months trying to deal with it. DONT BUY!!

  • I can't believe I found exactly what I needed. I looked everywhere for community portal systems and everything else was BOGUS! Our Space came packed with the features I wanted to provide my members and its also easy to mantain , customize , and administrate. Their tech support is 100% !! They installed it for me the same day I purchased! I propose that feature this program as the next big thing to hit the net! 2coolcode rocks!