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  • After much time looking for a script able to fulfill my plans to create a Christian site for sharing videos finally found the ClipShare. What else liked this script were the many tools of administration and control system, in addition to the powerful appeal of SEO friendly URLs for search engines. I bought the Video Grabber Plugin and also I was very happy because I can quickly add many videos to the site. I recommend to all the ClipShare!

  • I purchased ClipShare back in April 2008 & have been very happy & very satisfied with their software, service & support. ClipShare is by far the best that is out there regarding video scripts, service, & support. ClipShare provides excellant & professional service & support, they really care about their customers. Visit my site & see for yourself why ClipShare is the best in video scripts.

  • Easy to install & setup, this script is wonderful to get a kinda site going. It has excellent back-end management features & also video handling technology.

  • Not sure how the last guy above me had problems with service. In my particular case, the staff has done nothing but bend over backwards to try and get my problems straightened out. To be honest, I'm yet to actually use the forums. All my help for Clip-Share has come straight from staff.

  • I first bought this youtube clone in May 2007 and I got very disappointed by the bugs and lack of support. ZERO support from the company. Only a little from the forum, but not enough. So I stopped using it. I recently downloaded version 3.01, because I paid for it and wanted to have my site online at last. This version is almost bug-free and it comes with a very good installation manual. Proficiat! However their support still sucks and still no respons from forum to technical questions.

  • First off I must say that has their "Sh$%" going on. What I got when I purchased video sharing script? 1. Up to date software.No early 1990`s script that is offered by most software providers online. 2. Nearly "instant" email support. 3. Nearly $300.00 less than the other early 1990`s scripts that are offered online.Clip-Share is with the times.The year is 2007,not 1990! 4.Clip-share webhosting is next to none.What should cost $200 per month,is only $12.99!

  • Yes, PERFECT, but... in reality, I don't know what is the best : product (fantastic !) or team ? I say that because the team is very important when buying a product and in the case, there is a very great attention to the customer; Many thanks. Jean-François Bressy owner or administrator of almost 40 websites in France

  • Installed ClipShare Pro 2.5 on two of my domains and http://www.islamisabout.c om. Used Clipshare official support services to transfer my existing script to Clipshare everything done within 48 hours along with a dozen add-ons installed for free. Based on my experience I highly recommend ClipShare to those who are looking for to start a video share community. Product itself have a lot of features along with many add-ons available free.

  • The new Clip-Share Pro v. 2.5 is super! These guys have created a great script. Amazing to think that I now have a you-tube type site with great support in just a few of days. They are quick to respond, purchase is easy, the installation process goes smooth with the recommended host, and the script - excellent. My site loads fast and it's easy to customize their templates. They have a useful and active user forum where I can turn for help. I spent 2 weeks researching and they are the best.

  • I just bought the Pro-verision and I must say that I'm very satisfied with it. The buying process went easy, and after paying I got the script e-mailed and the chance to setup my Client Area-account. Right now I'm discovering all functions this script got and while I'm writing a new verision is being written, in my Client Area I can now find 15+ new mods like "Social Bookmarks", "Download Videos" and "Cloud Tags"! If I get in trouble I turn myself to the forum after help.

  • Well, I did try CS from a few months now, it was good when you ask sales, quick reply and all and all, after that... Nothing, you will find out that the script was full buged and bad coded... I won't recommand at all after months using a very bad youtube clone. If you need a good script, find out another one... CS really sucks...

  • This clipshare pro script has a lot of cool features, especially that it uses the smarty template system. However, there are a lot of sections that just don't feel complete. The users area isn't clean-friend requests are merged with messages, and it gets a bit confusing. The video player is also poor compared to competitors. It's also a big table mess, and very tedious to customize-pages are merged into previous tables and it gets very tricky. Good luck if you decide to purchase this.

  • I did many youtube like scripts, but I must that CS is the best that I never buy before. Also support, bugs, feature request are done very very fast... And they have a great and active user's forums to help each other. Have to say again, 'BRAVO' !

  • my hat goes off to thse folks since i purchased the clipshare package they have been helpfull from the word go, am a rookie to php and they have helped me upload the files and any modifications i have needed they have helped me every step of the way, i recomend the script and there service its a 5stat, you certainly get your moneys worth buy it today

  • Great customer support and hardworking staff. Can't get any better. New patches and fixing on daily bases to meet customer's requests and demands. Awesome overall.

  • I was totally impressed by how much features they have added lately. Great work and great product and I recommend this to anyone who wants to start a video sharing website. Support is awesome! Thanks!

  • Nice script. I buy it and I am am satisfied. On site, developers make client area for download, knowledgebase for new customers, forum for eventually bugs, for modifications, for modules etc. In script you can to implement your flash player with your logo. I reccomed you to buy it.

  • This was truly and great experience dealing with this company. They were timely and knew what they were doing. Hats off to Clip-Share and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an outstanding YOUTube clone.

  • Awesome product, Danny is hard at work improving it every day! Congrats! Progress bar is awesome!

  • Great value, easy to install and configure with very helpful customer support staff and members, Clipshare is the best video-sharing script available on the market today. Highly-recommended for anyone looking to create a profitable video-sharing community, this script is packed with impressive features like the big guys but is easy enough to use for even the small guys. A two thumbs-up product!

  • Clip-Share video sharing script from scriptxperts gets my vote of excellence for a job well done!I purchased this script two months ago and the support has been nothing short of outstanding. I tried several other scripts with little success, thankfully this excellent script does just the job I require to deliver video sharing. Very affordable way to break into the ever popular video shareing market.

  • clipshare is been the best program i can use for my christian video share site. clipshare had meet my expectation. support is fast, nice stuff everyday. i recoment clipshare A++

  • First of all please don't be mad becouse of my english. I bought this script becouse I needed a video source for all my other pages. I was really scared that if I pay I won't get nothing, we all know that it could happen but it didn't. I got the mail and the script in a very short time after paying. I am not a very good at php but the install was very easy but I didn't do sth right so that is why I mailed them for help. They answered an fix the problem in a few minutes!! This guys are the best!

  • ClipShare looks good - I used this script on two projects and they works well. The Guys of CS did a good work. The support is ok, I get everytime an answer, if I have any questions. Thanks ;-)

  • I simply love this script. Clip-Share is the one and only! Very good script, prices and support. Thanks guys!

  • I must say this script is way better than the compeditors scripts, support is awesome. We will purchase any future scripts from Clip Share woody

  • It's a great script that works just like the big boys sites. The script runs really smooth once it's on your server. The admin area is full of all types of different features that you can control, from emailing users, to adding ads. The customer service is fast and really good.

  • I purchased Clip-Share to start a video sharing site and could not be more satisfied with the product or the support. It installed with minimal fuss & Valentin has not only been helpful, but incredibly quick to respond. I've been hitting it with everything I've got for the past two days & so far everything works as advertised. Thanks Valentin!

  • I have looked at a lot of video scripts and purchased a few of them NONE of them due what this Clip Share script does all together !!!! The Support is TOP RATED. I would recommend this script to anyone who needs a video script and the company to everyone who needs a great script with great support. Thank You

  • This script has been absolutely perfect for my needs - I can't say enough about how friendly and supportive the staff has been! You can't beat this script! If every script had a team like this behind it the world would be a perfect place. Highly recommended!

  • What wonderful experience I have had with clip share danny ! you rock and have been super same as Valentin, Folks I will say I highly recom. this co. and thier software and for thier kindness and rapid email response and tech end issues. You cant go wrong and for the price thumbs up all the way AAAAA+++++ THANK YOU RUTH