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Average Member Rating: 2.87/5

ClipShare is the best

Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 1st October 2008
Rating: 5 - Excellent

After much time looking for a script able to fulfill my plans to create a Christian site for sharing videos finally found the ClipShare. What else liked this script were the many tools of administration and control system, in addition to the powerful appeal of SEO friendly URLs for search engines. I bought the Video Grabber Plugin and also I was very happy because I can quickly add many videos to the site. I recommend to all the ClipShare!


Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 12th September 2008
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I purchased ClipShare back in April 2008 & have been very happy & very satisfied with their software, service & support. ClipShare is by far the best that is out there regarding video scripts, service, & support. ClipShare provides excellant & professional service & support, they really care about their customers. Visit my site & see for yourself why ClipShare is the best in video scripts.


Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 16th June 2008
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Easy to install & setup, this script is wonderful to get a kinda site going. It has excellent back-end management features & also video handling technology.

Clipshare Service:

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 22nd February 2008
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Not sure how the last guy above me had problems with service. In my particular case, the staff has done nothing but bend over backwards to try and get my problems straightened out. To be honest, I'm yet to actually use the forums. All my help for Clip-Share has come straight from staff.

Software quality is growing

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 13th January 2008
Rating: 3 - Average

I first bought this youtube clone in May 2007 and I got very disappointed by the bugs and lack of support. ZERO support from the company. Only a little from the forum, but not enough. So I stopped using it.
I recently downloaded version 3.01, because I paid for it and wanted to have my site online at last. This version is almost bug-free and it comes with a very good installation manual. Proficiat!
However their support still sucks and still no respons from forum to technical questions.

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