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  • We are having troubles with an evil spaming chicken who claims to own scripts that were created before she was not even existed. All the original evelopers of WebAPP moved to 2 years ago after the original creator Carter has resigned from the project. Since then a confused chicken (with an endless hobby of spaming with links to her chickens distribution business) has bought his site and worked hard on pretending that she owns the script she stolen from the original developers.

  • This script is similar to the original script from, but is now ahead to a later version. I helped with WebAPP NE's (Network) version of WebAPP but left that group when it was at version For more history of the WebAPP project back to 2002, please see the archives at*/htt p:// . Also the original project has a listing here at Hotscripts in the Perl Portals category. I see some people from the WebAPP Network have left comments.

  • I have been searching for an open source automated web portal script for over 7 years now, with a collection of approx. 20,000 diverse scripts my search has just ended when i found this script! It is the most secured flat perl portal out there, multilingual, a fantastic support time and many many free addons and plugins. Just one warning, it is extremly addictive! Don't say I did not warn you...