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Sadun KAYA Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 13th July 2010

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I was waiting for comersus over 1 year to buy it. Because in Turkey it is not allowed to do payment from Turkey via paypal or credit cvards. That's why 1 year ago I couldn't buy it. But now I have bought. I am so much happy. I believe the comersus script will cover all my needs from a e-commerce script what I wait and more than I wait.

Best shopping Cart Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 20th June 2010

Rating: 5 - Excellent

The cart is fairly easy to setup and get running, probably even for a novice. I haven't used it for long but so far it seems to have a feature for everything and anything. The backoffice is a bit clunky at first, but once you get used to where things are, it's not too bad. Overall it's a pretty good off-the-shelf cart to get you started.
Alex Molinari

The best shopping Cart Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 20th June 2010

Rating: 5 - Excellent

The cart is fairly easy to setup and get running, probably even for a novice. I haven't used it for long but so far it seems to have a feature for everything and anything. The backoffice is a bit clunky at first, but once you get used to where things are, it's not too bad. Overall it's a pretty good off-the-shelf cart to get you started.

Comersus ASP Shopping Cart Verified Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 9th June 2010

Rating: 4 - Very Good

Hello I am a little ASP Development and I chose this script because it is complete and easily malleable. Most importantly, I always had trade and rapid responses from the Comersus hotline/support. Just a note: The ergonomics administration interface ! Arrault.Laurent Electrician biotic/Scientific geobiologist

Comersus Shopping Cart Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 14th December 2009

Rating: 4 - Very Good

The cart is fairly easy to setup and get running, probably even for a novice. I haven't used it for long but so far it seems to have a feature for everything and anything. The backoffice is a bit clunky at first, but once you get used to where things are, it's not too bad. Overall it's a pretty good off-the-shelf cart to get you started.

FANTASTIC SHopping cart; would definietly recommend it! Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 17th November 2009

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I picked Comersus as it was: 1. EASY to set up on MS Access or SQL Server 2. EASY to use for customers with various templates 3. EASY to change based on new requirements. 4. Runs on multiple platforms 5. Very scalable 6. EASY to integrate with other applications DEFINITELY the best shopping cart out there:) I would recommend it to any one. Ara Marterossian

Excellent for ASP Webmasters Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 26th May 2009

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Now you can stop looking for asp script for your site. This is a script that can help most of web masters that works with ASP scripts to build their own website without additional efforts. Very recommended !! They have everything inside: credit cards, anti-fraud, shipping, stock, encryption, auctions, reviews, order tracking, digital goods. Optional Packs with reservations, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout, YouTube, UPS, USPS, DHL, SQL, mySQL, Twitter & RSS and more...

Cart can be up and running with in 15 minutes Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 24th February 2009

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Easily setup by following the wizard. Comersus is one of the fastest and simplest cart packages I ever setup. Once the correct permission are set in the IIS folder its just a matter of following the wizard and selecting the options. The cart can be up and running with in 15 minutes. Adding products again is very simple using the Backoffice setup.

The free version of Comersus is very usable and you could easily run a basic store from this version. I recently upgraded to a power pack version for the extra bells and whistles as it provides some extra addons. I found that the technical support from the online forum was second to none. The majority of the time my questions were answered by a Comersus expert and they pointed me in the right direction. I don’t know how to programme in asp but a bit of common sense and basic understanding is all you need to make most of the simple changes to the site.

Changing the over all layout of the site is just a matter of replacing a few template files with the new ones, most of which are available for free from the Comersus website. I would highly recommend Comersus. Try the free version you have nothing to lose

Comersus PowerPack 7 Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 10th September 2008

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Technical support a database board is very powerful source which makes the support and help to resolve the questions and problems. It has reduce the problem solving time and process. Second, have the access to ASP source codes that the developer can implement new feature. Since upgrade to comersus powerpack on March 2008, Email to friend, email marketing to customer, paypal link. It help company to have more exposure to the storefront.

Excellent Cart For E-commerce Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 17th July 2008

Rating: 5 - Excellent

After trying various ecommerce softwares for about a month, I finally settled for this excellent software. The mass upload of products & Categories, seamless integration with wide range of Payment Gateway providers, Multi Lingual regionalisation are some of the wide variety of features available in this software to make any ecommerce site successful. Now I can concentrate on selling the products

Comersus Power Pack Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 16th July 2008

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Basically painless purchase process, kinda weird considering it's an e-commerce package. Delivery of Power pack was within a day. Setup not clearly laid out, on how to upgrade from the free version to the powerpack. Once i figured out what to do for the installation it was cake. Not a whole lot of templates. Back end is very easy to manage. Look forward to building a great site.

Comersus Shopping Cart Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 4th December 2007

Rating: 5 - Excellent

finaly found comersus ASP shopping cart, and it had everything to fit my needs. For peolple that never ever installed a shopping cart like me, it asks a little be o patience, and depending where you are going to Host it, can make it easier or not. But, after reading here and there., and thanks for the technical support available at the forum, I was able to use it successfully!!!

Review Based On: 8 Month(s) of usage

Two Thumbs Up Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 15th October 2007

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I looked for something that is inexpensive but reliable and easy to use. At the beginning I saw some other free Shopping carts such as osCommerce and Zen-Cart. Until one day I was told about Comersus by my best friend. I was amazed how easy to configure Comersus Shopping Cart.

It has a lot of features and if you purchase POWERPACK, it even has much more advanced features.

If you're looking for an easy to configure, reliable and inexpensive shopping cart, COM

Comersus Good Product bad Company Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 31st May 2006

Rating: 1 - Poor

Comersus should review their policies concerning their product and work towards customer care more than profits. The product is good but buyer beware, what you see is only what you get unless you want to get charged more at every option or enhancement.

Please consider companies that offer the same type of product with additional benefits and support to customers (even at a higher price) before you consider comersus.

Script Code Review includ. Premier Power Pack. Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 15th September 2005

Rating: 1 - Poor

I have tried this software for one of my client. However, it seems buggy in some ways. I have purchased the premier power pack in order to shorten my time working on the administrative control panel for my customer. Hell, no, it actually still needs lots of work on the administrative backend. The price I pay for is not worth of the functionality it provides, esp it is not user friendly.

If you are an end user, I would not recommend this software to installl on your site, but if you are a developer, I would somehow suggest it. This software is great for as an open source. But as for the commercial products, it still needs to work on many things, such as usability, more help tips ( providing a support forum is not enough while your codes are very complicated ).

This is a good open source that you can learn how to design a shopping cart. Although it comes with developer's guidelines and user manual, it is still very confusing.

In addition, you have the option to pay for upgrade price annually if you purchase their premier pack. In fact, I think it is not fair while I think the development of the power packs of the shopping cart need lots of work to make it user friendly.

In conclusion, I am not satisfied with this software if I have to pay for its additional backend. There are other shopping cart software that includes the similar functions and more ( such as cms management )

Shopping Cart Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 28th March 2005

Rating: 2 - Fair

The shopping cart is fine, if you want something for nothing. The basic version works ok. There are bugs and the manual is out of date. I purchased an add-on to be able to run credit cards through The manual is out of date and I have yet to be able to get any help to make it work. I would say if you are an above average user and can do some of your own programming you'll be ok. But if you expect help, forget it! It will work and it has some nice features. If all you need is a PayPal shopping cart go for it, but be careful if you need more advanced options.

[email protected] Tue, 5th April 2005

Thanks for taking the time to write this review. I am aware that since the date of your review you have received timely technical support to configure your cart; however no bugs have been reported. Feel free to contact us if any further assistance is needed.

Affordable, Easy to Use, Highly Scalable e-commerce solution Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 3rd January 2005

Rating: 5 - Excellent

With 18 plus years in the IT Industry, I am truly amazed by the effort and planning that went into this free e-commerce solution. With its ready made store front, you can have your shopping cart up and running with a minimum amount of effort. Personalizing the look of your storefront is a snap with a basic knowledge of html. Where the Comersus Cart really shines is in its ability to help you manage your business and stock in a highly automated, detailed fashion with out giving your customer the impression there is no one on the other end of their monitor. As you business needs grow, Comersus offers several modestly priced options packs to suit your needs. If you think your going to have a decent amount of online orders, I would just get the options pack you need right out of the shoot as I did. The software is supported by an online forum and any questions or tech issues are responded to in an expedient manner by a Comersus employee. Theses people really know their Product!!! The forum is a great place to pickup modifications, scripts and enhancements assembled by other Comersus users. I highly recommend the Comersus product and the ladies and gentlemen that stand behind it!!

Even the free version is one of the best ones on the web! Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 8th October 2002

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Combining all the features of the ultimate shopping cart and the flexibility of the open-source distribution, Comersus is one of the best shopping-cart scripts on the web. It not only gives you the ability to effectively sell your product to a wide range of customers through your web-site, but also contains such important organizational features as customer database, product grouping and sales reports. The only cons in that the checkout section of the free version is not secure, however - it's FREE and it's open-code, so with minimal knowledge of ASP you may modify it to use your Microsoft security certificate, online payment system such as PayPal or a SSL provider like VeriSign. And if your growing business needs more features than it is offered in the free version, you can get a great variety of extended packages and add-on's for very moderate (comparatively to other companies) prices.

Well organized, scalable and it has a nice layout. Reviewed by Anonymous on Sat, 5th October 2002

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I'm really amazed about this software. It's well organized, scalable and it has a nice layout.

I have made my own add-ons since I don't have budget to purchase official add-ons.

About Support Forum I have made some minor questions in the forum and got responses from other users and Comersus on the same day.

So, you get:
- Free storefront
- Free admin utility
- Free database
- Free Owners Guide
- Free Assistance
- Great license schema (open source with all rights to use and modify)

Kudos for Comersus!!!!

Comersus Shopping Cart Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 10th November 2002

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I have looked a long time to find a shopping cart software that his this much funtionality. It has been one of the best I have seen. Other packages that cost considerably more still don't give you the developer and the customer this much control. The Free package is perfect for those wanting something simple, easy to use and affordable. The add-on pack just take this cart and enhances it's abilities. The additional functionality of the add-on packs make this shopping cart the "Tailor Made" product for any shopping cart need from online stores to auctions.

I will be doing more business with Comersus and look forward to more dynamic products from them in the future.

Sophisticated, Yet Simple To Use Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 11th October 2002

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I've been using this cart for several weeks and have been very impressed. The cart itself is open-source and very easy to modify. The BackOffice (admin area) is outstanding with the exception of 1 single feature. When you modify a product, you simply can't type in the SKU you listed the product under, you have to search for the product and depending on your catalog size, you may have to browse through several pages to reach the item you want.<BR>As far as my favorite parts of the cart...Having access to the multiple payment gateways is a major plus. I'm only a novice programmer and I've never been able to make PayPal's IPN work. This is one of the features included for FREE in the Comersus Cart. Adding additional payment methods/gateways has been very simple.<BR>The category listings are also excellent. You are able to list your product in up to 4 subcategories off of the main root categories. This really aids in cleaning up the site navigation if you have numerous products in your catalog. I intend to have about 2000+ products upon completion of my site so I'll probably have to upgrade to the MS SQL version.<BR>The search function is right on! This is a very valuable asset when you have a large number of products. Even though the category structure aids in cleaning up the navigation, sometimes a "Good" search feature saves minutes, if not hours of your customer's time.<BR>Overall, I would recommend this cart to anyone, whether they are a seasoned programmer, or programming illiterate. You won't find a more user-friendly cart, or support department.

It is simple to setup, backend maintanence done from browser, & products easy to configure. Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 28th November 2002

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I looked for a shopping-cart package my non-computer-proficient wife could manage. Comersus is great! All the maintanence for products is done in the browser into the db, so my wife doesn't need to know any code. She can add/delete/update products very easily. And with the Comersus source code and their forum of support, you can build your own functionality. But the true power comes out when you see what their PowerPacks add to the backend...

Great store! Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 15th July 2002

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Comersus is absolutely fantastic! The new versions do infact come with everything you need, but if there are things you further desire they can be picked up for a really low price. It has a very attractive interface and the admin area gives you total control with an easy to use layout. Nothing goes unexplained here. It even comes with an all-inclusive pdf format manual. The support is top notch, too. Always handy when you get yourself into a bind.. I recommend everyone heads on over to and picks up the brand new version (lots of new, handy features.)

George Starrett

Easy to use Comersus cart Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 22nd November 2002

Rating: 5 - Excellent

The comersus shopping cart provides many advanced features that many other products don't offer and yet is easy to use. Although Comersus offers many feature, each feature can be simply enabled or disabled using the backoffice application. No editing of the code, changing links, etc. is necessary. This makes is very easy to start with a very basic store and expand it's capability by simply enabling features as they are needed. While Comersus won't require customization for most sites, they provide the well structured and documented source code with the product so that you can easily add customization if needed. Support with any product is important, and Comersus provides support in several ways. They have a message board on-line where you can get assistance for free. This message board is monitored by Comersus support as well as many other comersus customers who are more than happy to provide assistance.

Simple yet sophisticated! Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 19th February 2003

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Just like the title says "simple, yet sophisticated!". This shopping cart software is easy to install, even for a non programming minded individual. Easy to configure and with their forum of support, you can customize this software to your needs. Two thumbs up!