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  • TYPO3 has to be one of the best CMS programs I have ever worked with. While reading reviews on it I came across the people who didn't like it. Yes, TYPO3 might take some reading, its not your standard program, also NO TYPO3 IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS. You should know about programming before attempting this software, there is a release for beginners, but it's not the best. I really reccommend this for advanced users!

  • Typo3 is overrated. GUI is terrible, nothing is neither well-thought nor well-planned there. Lots of features are unstable or bugged, documentation is outdated and full of irrelevant information. Sites running on Typo3 are slow, supported rewrite mode works in just ridiculous way. You have to learn weeks to do the simplest things. Sourcecode is terrible, chaotic, full of mess, based on no respects to rules of OOP/proper PHP coding. Not recommended, unless you're a masochist.

  • After having read so much good things about typo3, I decided to give it a try, and used it for a few clients projects. It turned out many features are unstable, documentation is often outdated (trying to implement extensions by following their documentation is a waste of time), and learning how to use the system and typoscript takes a lot of time. Basically, it's worth having a look, but I will not use it again, especially not for building commercial websites (i.e. for clients)

  • Typo3 - the best there is! I have developed a couple of sites with it and love it! A somewhat steep learning curve, but what a reward when you get through the first months... Use just about any html-template and have your site up and running in minutes! No need to modify the template, you just tell T3 what to put where (menus, content...) and let T3 take care of the details. So much to tell, so many amazing features! Don't take my word for it, make a test install and spend a few weeks to get to know it. You won't regret! I sure don't!

  • I've been a Software Engineer for 20 years and Project Manager for a half million dollar Content Management System called Interwoven for over a year. I feel qualified to say that TYPO3 is far and away the best open source CMS you can get. Programmers do not typically document well and TYPO3 is no exception. For that reason, it remains a system for techies and even then you must have a lot of patience to get the full benefit out of it. It is time well spent, however and you will not regret it.

  • I looked at this CMS about a year ago and dismissed it at the time because I had heard about a steep learning curve. Well, as it turns out the learning curve is not all that steep and if I had used it a year ago, I would have produced more and better websites. Typo3 is truly an industrial strength CMS and with over 290 plug-ins there is nothing to touch it. All I advise is that before you start you read all the documentation, at least the Quick Start. Get play with it! It's Great

  • Typo3 is the best CMS I've ever seen. Not so easy at beginning, but once learned to use your life and your web production will be very simple and productive. I'm a webmaster and use typo3 evry day for my job!

  • Typo3 is one of the very best Open Source projects I've ever seen! Have a look at the admin tool, you won't believe your eyes! Installation is VERY easy. You'll need a bit of practice (a bit more...) to get familiar with it and explore a part of its huge possibilities (a bit more...), but I'd be surprised if you do and regret it... Should you look for a simpler CMS, then have a look at Mambo or SPIP, depending on what you want to do, but keep Typo3 in mind...Thanks and congrats to Kasper!

  • I installed and tested (literally) every major free CMS package out there for high-availability commercial web site deployment. TYPO3 turned out superior in features, performance, security, and extensibility. One warning: TYPO3 is hard to get started with. GET STUBBORN, go through documentation (site template development is probably the hardest). Once you do understand how it works and how it does things, it will become extremely rewarding. CMS systems like postNuke are a joke compared to TYPO3.

  • While installation may have been a problem in the past it is not the case now. It was simply a question of 1-2-3. This is an amazing product which can be learnt quite quickly following the tutorials. It is not something like FrontPage. It is a professional tool that does require a bit of reading and working through some examples, unless you want to use the ready made templates. This system is well worth a try. I suspect you might get hooked.

  • While I agree with a number of the criticisms posted by other reviewers, including intallation and user complexity, Typo3 has a lot of nice features. It also helps illustrate how conceptually different CMS software has become. Unlike a number of good CMS packages that are poorly documented, Typo3 is over-documented in places, inconsistently documented in others, and the Unix install instructions are more confusing than helpful. Nevertheless, this is an exceptional CMS.

  • Although the idea behind this product is good, it is painfully hard to manage for a beginner, not to mention hard to install. They need to tighten the product and make it more manageable and customizable.

  • I've been using typo3 for almost 2 1/2 years and love it! Typo3 has given me the ability to compete with much larger CMS systems, while offering a cheaper and superior solution to my clients. Although typo3 does have a slight learning curve, once you master it, you won't regret spending the time. As a freelance web designer, I have gained a significant amount of work directly because of my typo3 knowledge. It has also greatly increased the amount of "Perks & Featues" I can offer with any website I develop without having to do very much in the way of setup or programming. Basically, it is an out-of-the-box solution for me. There is quite a buzz building and I'm really glad I became involved. I've built over 30+ sites using typo3, to learn more about me, visit Reuven Cohen >>> Freelance Web Developer

  • It is simply the best! Do not understand people choosing something else. And someone, please, remove this Canadian guy (the one who has pains) from reviews - it installs as 1-2-3!

  • I agree wiht so many other here - easy to install, excelent documentation, flexible - simply said, a great script.

  • When I found TYPO3 I was shocked, I was laughing loudly from excitement and was asking friends to check do they see what I see! It was an event of the month. Why I was so surprised? Everything smells with precision, strong know-how, very right analysis of task, but most important - amount of functionality implemented. Until now I can't start believing, it was a work of single developer. Or something is "really wrong" with this person, he can't be average, or the truth is different. I will not give five stars for it because of so high dependency on so depended on browser technology called "JavaScript". TYPO3 is masterpiece of JavaScript, but without browser with proper support of it, forget about using this system. I had very serious problems by using maybe too patched IE. The second point: if you want to use this system please spend some additional time to browse the site and newsgroups. Even if they say the project was released under GPL, you will find not common interpretation of this licence, strange sounding restrictions and threatening about problems if you will not follow them. They are not focused to build friendly community, their focus is 150$ for support, so be prepared to pay.

  • Typo3 is great! It has a lot of features: and is very flexible. There is a developer-platform at You can easily write your own extensions to customize typo3 in every possible direction. The support from the growing typo-community is great and there are also companies offering professional support. An excellent documentation is also available. I think typo3 is one of the best CMS/CMF available.

  • Typo3 is the best free Content Management System by far and plays on the same level than expensive commercial systems. The first time I worked with Typo3 I liked the great simpleness of editing content and managing things like a guestbook or the news module but when I got deeper into Typo3 I more and more appreciate the great possibilities of handling graphics and images which Typo3 automates completely. You can let Typo3 make your navigation graphical so you just have to click some things in the (so called) Backend for having a new page on your website and Typo3 genreates a new grafical menu item and (of course) creates a new page for you ;-) What those chaps knowing PHP will appreciate, is Typo3's Extension API and the even greater kickstarter wizard. Because of the fact that Typo3 is absolutely well coded, it makes nearly everything (!) easily customizable (thru PHP) without the need to edit the core files directly but rather having a clean extension which can be installed and uninstalled, downloaded and uploaded to the Extension Repository and much more via the ExtensionManager. Give it a try! You'll see: It's awesome!

  • A content management system for professionals, this is one that actually beats a lot of off-the-shelf software. The quality of the Javascript, PHP, design, graphics, and even the documentation is like that of a highly-tuned Microsoft product, except that this product actually works too. The only downside with this product, to my mind, is that it doesn't work with Netscape 6. It also requires MySQL, although work is in progress for other database systems. If you are considering a cms, definitely check this one out. It stands head and shoulders above the others this reviewer has seen.

  • Although this program caught my eye, it was a total nightmare to install. I run my own PHP/MYSQL servers and I was still having problems with the installation. Full of errors even after spending literally 24 hours trying to install the program. Looks great... works great... if you have managed to install it... I haven't... I have tried three separate times, and no luck yet... If anyone has figured out how to install this program, let me know. I will pay you to get this thing working. Sincerely, Justin Kozuch CEO, Web.Heads

  • Typo3 has raised the level on what a Content Managment System should be. It is hard to believe that this system was, for the most part, put together by one person. Not much detail has been left out and this includes documentation that rivals commercial products. The only drawback is that Typo3 may be too much power for those less ambitious web projects. The cause for PHP and open source in general has just been improved. bal

  • For my website i needed a CMS (content management system). Although i have arround 400 visitors each day. I didn't have the money to purchage a license to Vignette® Storyserver (us$ 25.000). but my site has becoming bigger and bigger.. so it became harder to maintain all pages. Then i came accross Typo3. I've donwloaded the program. Installed it. And there it was. The SAME possibilities as the Storyserver only this time it is FREE of charge and very wel programmed too. If you need a CMS for you site, you know you need this master piece!! MY rating: EXCELLENT!!! Greetings, Rogier van Gemert (alias Teebones)

  • Just went and explored, and messed around with the script, its simply amazing, the most advanced content management system out there by far.