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Nice easy to use script for real estate agencies Verified

Reviewed by Mehmet on Mon, 9th March 2015
Rating: 5 - Excellent

This script is easy to use with admin panel and user panel. Easy to upload to server and install. Many functions are editable from admin panel. Nice designed user interface and responsive. Seo friendly urls.

Great looking script and excellent customer service Verified

Reviewed by - Rodney - on Wed, 27th August 2014
Rating: 4 - Very Good

I am not a tech person, but I understand in today's world a professional website or a lack of can be a costly mistake. I like this script because it was EZ to use and upload my files. Best of all it looks great. The customer service is always excellent and the response to my questions is always timely. I would recommend this script to anyone either a beginner or a pro.

phpmyrealty Tue, 2nd September 2014

We're glad you enjoy the new look and feel of the software. Thanks for the comments.


Reviewed by Brian on Tue, 26th August 2014
Rating: 5 - Excellent

This script has an incredible amount of features for the price and the after sales support is just fantastic. Ben from phpmyrealty is a true professional and this script is worth ten times the money for sure. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a real estate script. A+++++

phpmyrealty Tue, 2nd September 2014

Thank you very much. We greatly appreciate the kind words and will be sure to give Ben a raise (or at least, a high five)! Thanks again.

Script A+. Support off the scale. All round legends. BRILLIANT - SUPERB Verified

Reviewed by John - France on Thu, 22nd May 2014
Rating: 5 - Excellent

The phpsql script is quite flexible and with the time and the right suppport from the crew I found it a joy to work with. Look its not the Eureeka moment of real estate scripts BUT for what you pay, it is soooooo much better than others who charge more and offer a within 24hr support. Not good enough in this day and age, it is 2014 after all. I live in France and was able to adapt the script for my cleints needs. It is early doors but we are hopeful that the increase in busienss will come as a result of the script we are now using. One of the best bits was with the time difference I could ask a question late at night here and come the morning the reply and advice was in my inbox - thats how it should be!!! Can't say thank you enough. 100% recommend to experts or first timers. Buy it, you will not regret it.

phpmyrealty Thu, 28th August 2014

Thank you for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated!

Happy with results Verified

Reviewed by CCT Web Design on Thu, 1st May 2014
Rating: 4 - Very Good

I am the we master for LIHomes Magazine and the one who asked Robert Stanzoni who's review is below mine. Although it took longer then expected, the script works as promised and the PhPMyRealty team did a great job in keeping up their end. CCT Web Design would use their product again.

phpmyrealty Fri, 2nd May 2014

We greatly appreciate this follow up and vote of confidence. Thank you for adding your viewpoint and best wishes with future web endeavors!

The Program is the worst

Reviewed by ROBERT STANZONI 631-399-4000 on Mon, 28th April 2014
Rating: 1 - Poor

Poor customer service the program wont function properly, they sold me the program and then later said it doesn't work with your MLS services, then charged me an extra $500, to make there program compatible, 3 months later, its still a problem. Not happy at all with this Company. One problem after another, they say nothings there fault, a services I cant use " A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY! "

phpmyrealty Thu, 1st May 2014

First, thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts. Every piece of feedback, whether positive or negative, is an opportunity for us to learn. The fee for MLS integration is a custom service and isn't included with the basic purchase of phpMyRealty. This is because every MLS data provider has unique specifications. Unfortunately, much of the slowness was due to issues with your MLS data account and we were at their mercy for a solution/response as we couldn't move forward without their involvement in the integration process. As for your web site, we have reviewed your site and MLS integration and everything appears to be working very well. If you have any issues at all with the software or MLS service, we completely stand by our product and will work with you to make it right. We take customer support very seriously and are more than happy to take care of any issues you may be experiencing. Thank you again for the feedback.

Good features and great service Verified

Reviewed by Saadat on Tue, 28th January 2014
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I was searching for a real estate site which will have certain features, phpMyRealty has more than what I was looking for and also affordable. They installed the site in my host with in a day. I really appreciate their prompt service.

phpmyrealty Thu, 1st May 2014

Thanks for the feedback! We hope you're enjoying the software. Best wishes.

Great software, bad support Verified

Reviewed by Andre on Sun, 1st December 2013
Rating: 4 - Very Good

As a novice in expect to have some support, especially when it is not major issues. However, support requested many times but simply ignored. For instance, the red template stopped working, when tying to display properties, but after various requests, no assistance provided.

phpmyrealty Thu, 1st May 2014

We take every review very seriously and this is no exception. Thank you for the kind words regarding the software, but we are surprised to read you contacted us and were ignored. Without ticket IDs, we aren't sure what happened. It is possible we did respond, but the response went directly to spam, which has happened in the past. We make every attempt to respond to tickets the same day they are received, usually within minutes. If you still have any issues, please submit a ticket and we'll respond back immediately. As you can read from other reviews, customer support is our highest priority and the main reason why our customers keep coming back. Thank you again.

Excellent Customer ervice Verified

Reviewed by Derrick W on Sun, 20th October 2013
Rating: 4 - Very Good

I am a novice to website building but I also knew my template website had reached it limitation and I needed more control over my content. I also knew to accomplish this in a timely manner I needed to work with a company that was responsive to my concerns immediately. After viewing several scripts I decided on PhpMyRealty because they answered all my questions timely, while the other sites in some cases took several days to get back to me. This is customer service at its best. If this is very important to you get this script. You will not regret it. I would definitely recommend this to a friend

phpmyrealty Thu, 1st May 2014

Thank you for the vote of confidence in our customer service department. We take this extremely seriously and always make it right. We're very pleased to know you enjoyed the experience and look forward to helping you out with future projects. Thanks again!

Script great support lacks Verified

Reviewed by CCBRealestate on Thu, 26th September 2013
Rating: 2 - Fair

Purchased the script a few weeks ago based on reviews of the script and tests done on the demo. The script itself works great, but as for support well I have to say that lacks. I have contacted them 3 times in 2 weeks over an issue with installing the zip code database and still no answer. I am close to asking for a refund over the lack of support. While a great running script means a lot it means even more to have great support and they lack that.

Script 4star Customer support 5 star Verified

Reviewed by TR736 on Tue, 13th August 2013
Rating: 5 - Excellent

The script is highly customisable as-long as you know basic html and php. A few bugs with the template (BLUE) prevent this script from getting 5 star such as the ability to remove the settings box but besides that its fantastic. The customer support is second to none and responses are received within 24 hours. Fantastic team and a 5 star service Very happy with purchase. Thanks guys!

phpmyrealty Thu, 1st May 2014

We appreciate the feedback. Thank you for taking the time to write this review! We have corrected the bugs with the blue template and if you find any additional problems, please be sure to contact us. We love squashing bugs.

Powerful Script + Superb Customer Service !!! Verified

Reviewed by Pradeep on Fri, 5th July 2013
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I have checked dozens of real estate scripts and choose this one because of its rich features , which is something i was after. Around 1 hour ago ,i sent them an e mail to clear certain doubts since i had some bad experience paying online and getting "nothing" few times.They were extremely professional enough to reply with all sort of answers within few minutes.Without waiting i did the purchase and within less than 5 min, here comes the down load link etc.Then i replied with my hosting details for them do the FREE installation and i was about to close my lap top since i thought it may take at least few hours or may be , i couldn't believe my eyes , here comes the email saying that the web site has been installed. Honestly , this is extra ordinary customer service which is extremely rare.I wish them ( all the best with all future endeavors and please guys , come up with more and more PHP scrips and keep up the good work !!!

phpmyrealty Thu, 1st May 2014

Thank you! We appreciate your feedback very much and pride ourselves on quality communication and customer service. We hope you're doing well with your real estate project!

Great customize-able design, Excellent Support! Verified

Reviewed by HanapHousedotcom on Fri, 31st May 2013
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Prior to purchase, all my questions about the software were answered. After purchase, I asked for support and was given to me with excellence and genuine commitment for my website's success. Seb and Andy from phpsqlrealty are true professionals an I am very happy I chose to purchase the software as my website is fully running and up to the standard and design that I wanted it to be. Thanks guys, I highly recommend this software!

Top Support for User Friendly Script Verified

Reviewed by Caroline from on Mon, 25th February 2013
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I came across the PHPSQLRealty site and was very enthusiastic that it would be the right tool for me to use in my real estate advertising business. We bought and installed the licence and had full technical and customer support from the development and sales team at PHPSQLRealty. An external hic-cup had us frequently contacting the IT desk and they exceeded my expectations in terms of communication, patience, and competency in being able to assist us getting the website back up online and functioning properly. In this day and age where there are so many options everywhere, customer service is paramount. I can honestly say that I am very impressed with the teams' attention to me as a customer and their willingness to help me on every level to make my web business a success. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Great Support

Reviewed by Aman on Fri, 27th April 2012
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I bought this script with some hesitation and was not sure if this will work. But I found out this to be a great and easy to use script. Works great. I really want to thank their support team to always come up with answers and responding with in reasonable time. Thanks

suport? where is it?

Reviewed by mihai on Sat, 3rd March 2012
Rating: 1 - Poor

i bought the script 2 days ago. i installed it and it has many errors: for ex. i added new accounts and i cant aprove them. if i add a new listing, the script doesnt show an index anymore. basically, i cant build my site. i wrote to suport several emails and i opened suport tickets and complains and so far im not getting a reply. its been way over 24h. im very dissapointed in this kind of suport. i am close to charging back! i installed the script twice and my host suport tells me there are several errors in log files, which only the script writer should debug them.

Excellent script with fantastic support

Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 29th June 2011
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Script is very flexible and easy to use, but what i like the most is support. Developer responds in a matter of hours and always try to help. Really recommended

Great for MLS Sites! Verified

Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 22nd June 2011
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Love this script - the support is exceptional and I'm using it to create a MLS-Fed site - the developers have been so helpful and FAST with their support. Great SEO, modern features, easy to mod, code and themes - understandable database structure. Written by pros and very well supported. Fills a real gap in this space.

Supper Script

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 20th June 2011
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I ordered the phpSQLRealty script and i asked the phpSQLRealty team for a lot of modifications in order to improve the script, and what i got is perfect script suitable for my needs plus very professional live support, from a very professional and nice team

Excellent Script, No words to Praise Verified

Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 15th June 2011
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Script is perfectly SEO optimized Excellent Support Good Design Great Features Recommended for All

Great Script! Great Customer Service!

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 24th January 2010
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I purchased this product for a client a few months ago and customized it for their needs and am going to purhase again for another client. I have a small web design company and have been burned with lousy products that don't perform as advertised and poor customer service. The folks at PHP MyRealty were a huge help in getting my project customized and delivered to the client on time the Tech Support was very prompt and detailed. The product was delivered as advertised and very good customer service (also a forum with tons of useful information) I highly recommend this product and a BIG THUMBS UP to PHP MyRealty ...THANK YOU.

phpmyrealty Thu, 1st May 2014

We really appreciate the kind words! It was a pleasure working with you as well. Best of luck with your future projects!

Great script. Great support!

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 3rd July 2009
Rating: 5 - Excellent

These guys have made a great real estate script and along with it have some amazing support! Any one in the market for a real estate script make sure you check them out! A+ The script is powering this site here:

phpmyrealty Sun, 1st November 2009

The site looks absolutely amazing! You did a terrific job with it. Thanks for the kind words!

Amazing script!

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sat, 20th June 2009
Rating: 5 - Excellent

PMR has surpassed my expectations. It is excellent, comprehensive and incredibly customizable software. While cost and features are both impressive, they are nothing compared to the support I got. In my opinion, it is the most comprehensive option currently on the market. Very Impressive! I wish more software was like this!

phpmyrealty Sun, 1st November 2009

Thank you for the flattering comments, we greatly appreciate the review.