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  • A good script ON PAPER but try to get some help in the most basic way. It's a scam! He says free but with no support and if you'll pay the $ you will get unlimited support, but just try to download the thing, you are FORCED to pay 10 dollars and then.................. he wants you to pay another $25 to install it because with even the most experienced perl programmer, there's a bug that only he knows to delete before the store will run. Oh yes, the manager will run but the main store is a blank page. Try to ask a question on the forum..... no answer.

  • I'm not sure what he's talking about - the description clearly says that the cost is $10. The web page also says $10 payment. The web site CLEARLY says that there is NO formal support provided with the script, but there IS a user bulletin board with many hundreds of messages, fixes, tips, etc. on it. This person never contacted us for help. There are NO bugs in it and MANY people have downloaded this software. On the web site is a list of current users. Visit the web site and see for yourself.