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Toko Gold - Wysiwyg contented editor

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NEW - Toko with FCK editor, Edit your site like you edit a word document. Use Toko to edit web site online, No Database, user friendly GUI and most important Integrate toko in no time into any existing site. Toko is a Html/Text web content editor which brings to the web many of the powerful functionalities of desktop editors like MS Word tool bar. Toko is a compact multi language, open source content editor and content management system (CMS) Toko definition and management is simple and is done via editing Pre-defined areas on any web page or XML file without any need for programming skills.

Rated 4.40 out of 5

Views: 8,275

Added On: Mon, 7th August 2006

PHPDevel Wysiwyg HTML Editor

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PHPDevel Wysiwyg HTML Editor is a free easy-to-use wysiwyg editor that you can use on your websites or integrate into your web applications. Adding the editor to an HTML form is as easy as adding textarea tag. If the code for textarea tag is: [textarea name="message"]Default text[/textarea], then the replacement code for wysiwyg editor would be: [?php echo wysiwyg('wysiwyg_id', 'message', 'Default text'); ?].

Rated 3.65 out of 5

Views: 19,605

Added On: Tue, 22nd March 2011

Rich Editor (online wysiwyg html editor)

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Rich Editor (RE) is a browser-based online WYSIWYG html editor. Cross-browser and cross-platform. Works in MSIE5.0+ for Windows, Netscape7.1/Mozilla1.4+, Opera 9+ and Safari 3+. No knowledge of HTML required. 100% script. Web Developers can use RE in CMSs or just instead TEXTAREA tags. Implemented as a PHP/ASP class, it is easy to use in your scripts. Create as many RE elements, as you want to place on your page. Advanced work with images, including file uploading, tables, links, stylesheets, FLASH, forms, multilingual support and more. Plugins for Joomla, Mambo, SMF, and phpBB.

Rated 3.92 out of 5

Views: 21,947

Added On: Tue, 28th January 2003

Cute Editor for PHP - Leading PHP WYSIWYG HTML Editor

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(New 6.6) Cute Editor for PHP is by far the fastest, easiest, most powerful browser-based WYSIWYG HTML Editor for PHP applications. It enables PHP Web developers to replace the Textarea in your existing content management system with a powerful, but easy to use WYSIWYG Editor. It compatible with IE 5.5+, Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.3+, Netscape 7+, Opera 9.x and Safari (1.3+). This includes Macintosh and Linux. CuteEditor toolbar is totally configurable and it is also effortless to implement. You just need a couple lines of code to add it to your application. Cute Editor has more than 5,000 customers, and has been sold in over 60 countries. 23 languages are supported, and more are being added. Cute Editor is also available for ASP.NET and ASP.

Rated 3.69 out of 5

Views: 34,227

Added On: Sun, 29th July 2007


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This script has two parts. One is editor implemented as