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JQuery Powered JavaScript Image Gallery Slider
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Cool slider with many features.


Perfect Way to Fix SQL Server
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

How to recover SQL database? Get SysTools SQL Recovery Tool which is perfect way to fix SQL Server database from any kind of corruption and directly save recovered database in your SQL Server.


SQL Server Database Recovery Tool
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

SQL Server Database Recovery Tool is a well-established tool to recover SQL Server Database, which gives you 100% result by performing the recovery process. Optimize the benefits by using this tool which is available free of cost.


FileMaker Custom Functions for PayPal Payments Pro and Adaptive Payments
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Easily integrate PayPal web service API's into your FileMaker Pro solution using custom functions.


UBM Premium
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

This plugin helps to manage the banners easily over your WordPress blog.


Page Expiration Robot WP Plugin
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

WP Plugin to setup OTO and expirations


Live Video Streaming Wordpress Plugin with Social Max Features
(Plugins / Miscellaneous), and uStream Clone


WidgPlus - Google Plus Feed Widget
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

WidgPlus allows you to show your latest Google Plus posts on your blog or site. Therefore its a great opportunity to get in touch with your visitors!


Jobs! WP
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Jobs! WP is a full featured job portal plugin for your Wordpress


Seamless Clickbank Light for Wordpress
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Seamless Clickbank is an easiest and quickest way to start selling digital products on your Wordpress blog. 100% compatible with any Wordpress theme.


Autopilot Movie Review Site Script with YouTube Trailers + Amazon + Streaming Music
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Start your Clone with trailers, Streaming Music, Movie Showtimes, 57000 Ready Movies Database


Search Engine Visitor Ads
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

This Wordpress plugin recognize visits from search engines and applies special adverts for this kind of visitors.


PDF Search Engine Script - Powered By Wordpress
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Search through 1000's of PDF files


Smoke Signal Wordpress Plugin
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Smoke Signal is a Wordpress plugin written specifically to make your blog and your posts more popular.


Seamless Clickbank - Wordpress plugin
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

The easiest way to integrate Clickbank merchant services to Wordpress websites. Start selling in just a few minutes!


Validation & Messages Library for WordPress
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

This library allow you to create success and error messages and retrieve them after redirection.


Wordpress Review Theme
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Create powerful and stylish wordpress review web sites in as little as 5 minutes. The same theme top marketers use to power affiliate earning


Donation contest widget
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

Donation Contest Widget is a plugin which allows you to add donation contest box to any widgetized area of your website.


Wordpress UIElement Class
(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

This script works with the custom-fields, but it masks them as if they were super cool UI-Elements build in by Wordpress.


(Plugins / Miscellaneous)

CBWP Members uses Clickbank as the payment gateway giving you an automatic affiliate program and the widest range of payment methods including credit card, check, or paypal.


Results 301 - 320 of 480

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