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IntelliFolks Enterprise Social Networking Server

ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsGroupware Tools

IntelliFolks is a free Enterprise Social Networking Server. IntelliFolks enriches any intranet with a social network including customizable people profiles, people and expert finder, interactive organization charts, collective intelligence communitie...

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Added On: Wed, 9th July 2008

TeamLab Office (Server Community) v.7.5

ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsGroupware Tools

TeamLab Office enables you to manage projects, customer relations and documents in one place.

In other words, you don't need to switch back and forth between multiple applications to perform different tasks. Here you obtain a single mu...

Rated 4.22 out of 5

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Added On: Mon, 23rd May 2011

Easy Projects .NET

ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsGroupware Tools

Easy Projects .NET - the latest generation web based Project Management System. It is called "Easy Projects" for a reason - it was specifically designed to make project management hassle free and straightforward. Using multi-nesting projects and task...

Rated 3.33 out of 5

Views: 5,603

Added On: Mon, 26th January 2004

adenin DynamicIntra.NET Collaboration Server

ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsGroupware Tools

The DynamicIntra.NET Collaboration Server brings together the best minds in your companyóand connects them to your business partners, suppliers and customers, to streamline efficiencies, gain first mover advantage and save you money. Establish a plac...

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Added On: Mon, 18th February 2002


ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsGroupware Tools

GroupManager.NET is a website 'memberís area' application which supports multiple levels of user type, and allows you to have different protection levels for different user groups. Group Manager.NET can secure web pages by including a small header w...

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Added On: Mon, 22nd May 2006


ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsGroupware Tools

TrackWorkers is your ultimate choice for Employee Management. Loaded with numerous handy features, it really makes your Management job much more relaxed. TrackWorkers has been designed after an in-depth analysis of the managersí requirements. It has ...

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Added On: Wed, 18th June 2008


ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsGroupware Tools

ListTransfer is a custom web server control which is used for transferring items from one
ListBox to another or moving items up and down in one ListBox. By using ListTransfer we
could categorize data into different groups according to t...

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Added On: Wed, 4th March 2009

BPConferenceReporting - Web Reporting ASP.NET Site

ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsGroupware Tools

BPConferenceReporting is a web-based application for management of reporting of conferences, meetings, courts etc. Companies may book conference dates, order transcripts of the speeches and manage their bookings. Reporters may update conference d...

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Added On: Sun, 24th May 2009


ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsGroupware Tools
ScriptsASP.NETScripts & ControlsFile Manipulation

FTP2Web is an ASP.NET Web File Manager. It offers file sharing and file upload/download features over integration of ASP.NET and FTP. Application has ASP.NET-based configuration, administration and users login interface and FTP-based upload/downloa...

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Added On: Thu, 28th May 2009