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Avartan - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Avartan is a multipurpose responsive WordPress slider plugin with amazing features like content slider, video slider, image layer, text and animations. Avartan slider is easy to manage for beginners to website developers and owners also.

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Z-News Multimedia Post - Wordpress Plugin

Can be configured video (Youtube, Vimeo, MP4 and FLV), audio (MP3), image and html content (using the Wordpress editor). The plugin has features Touch Swipe, Drag and responsive layout. See some examples by clicking “Live Preview”. Features --------------------- Crossbrowser compatibility; Responsive; 5 Color Skins + 1 new Skin (Full Image); Touch Swipe / Drag; CSS3 animations / jQuery fallback; Video (Youtube, Vimeo, MP4 and FLV), audio (MP3), photo and html content (using Wordpress editor); Lightbox; Vertical / Horizontal orientation; Custom date format; Can be configured any number of news per slide; Show/Hide (navigation, play/pause, previous/next buttons); Shortcode creator; Automatic thumbnails in any size; Automatic Height; Optional Excerpt; Auto Slide; Layout Format (New); Option to use zNews post type and zNews categories or the Wordpress default, Post and Categories; Documentation included; Free updates and support via email;

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Hopos Post Slider - Wordpress Plugin

Can be used any post type and any taxonomy. In each post can be configured options such as video, large image, link, lightbox or target page, etc. Easy to configure, use and can be added any number of sliders. Click Live Preview to see some examples. Some Features Any post type and any taxonomy; Responsive; Crossbrowser compatibility; Tablet and mobile support; Flexible and unlimited customization of styles; Skin (Basic, Box, Custom); Multiple instances; Touch Swipe (mobile devices) / Drag (desktop); Drag enable; CSS3 animations / jQuery fallback; Video (Youtube, Vimeo, MP4 and FLV), Photo, optional MP3 Audio; Lightbox or target page; Navigation, play/pause, previous/next; Ajax shortcode settings (admin); Thumbnails in any size; Automatic Height; Excerpt with the number of words; Add shadow; Order By, Order; Pagination style (bullets or numbers); Pagination align; Auto Slide; Delay Auto Slide; Much More...

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Numix Post Touch Slider Carousel for Wordpress

Numix Post Touch Slider Carousel is a variable width images plugin for wordpress with touch swipe feature on touch devices. You can select built in or any custom post type featured images with categories or custom taxonomies to be used in slider.

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Slider4all is a plugin created for CMS WordPress. Responsive parallax slider plugin Slider4all offers a wide range of animations and transitions so you’ll no doubt choose the one for you and be able to create fascinating animations.

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LayerSlider 3D Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

In version 3, we introduced our brand new beautiful and super easy-to-use admin user interface with smart features like real-time previews. It follows every WordPress standards starting with the look and feel, and it takes advantages of the WP core features such as contextual help menus, the new Media Library with mass upload, WP Pointers, color picker and others. It also has perfect WordPress integration under the hood, it is multisite, localization and translation ready. We have implemented smart responsiveness, thumbnail navigation, skin editor among other new features. Most recently we released version 4 with more than 170 breathtaking 3D & 2D transitions. There is a transition builder, an easy-to-use visual editor to create your own custom transitions with almost infinite possibilities. The plugin now uses hardware acceleration, so it gives you killer performance on mobile devices as well. We have added auto-update feature, and we improved and fixed much like anything else.

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jQuery Banner Rotator WordPress Plugin

jQuery Banner Rotator WordPress Plugin featuring multiple transitions that supports text effects for captions. The thumbnails and buttons allow for easy navigation of your banners / ads. Features Included: Easy plugin installation for WordPress. Responsive (8 Level), FullWidth or Fixed modes are available. Images and thumbnails can be dynamically resized. Multiple Transitions are available. Also you can set a different transition per slide. Flexible transition Speed and Easing. Public API to control the slider externally (play, stop, previous, next, jump to slide, count, events for slider and videos).

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Apex Slider Responsive Wordpress Plugin

Apex Slider for WordPress is easy to use jQuery image gallery and banner rotator with animated captions, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices. As navigation you can use bullets, thumbnails, navigation bar and arrows. HTML5, CSS3 transitions are used with fallback. SEO optimized. Features included: * Easy plugin installation for WordPress * Responsive (8 Level), FullWidth or Fixed modes are available * Images and thumbnails can be dynamically resized * iPhone & Android swipe touch enabled * Bullets, Thumbnails, NavBar and Arrows for navigation * Multiple Transitions including 2D & 3D effects * You can set a different transition per slide * Public API * jQuery conflict free plugin * Captions with text/html, image and video can be easily created * YouTube & Vimeo videos are supported with Autoplay option * SEO optimized

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Smart Slider for Wordpress

Have you ever dream about the perfect Slider extension for WordPress? We got a lot of requests to make a fancy and customizable slider. You said that the other sliders on the market for Wordpress are very limited in features and it would be good if we make an all-in-one solution for every slider types. After some planning and brainstorming we decided that we will make the best slider on the market. How can you use the Smart Slider for Wordpress? You wrote an endless list about this and we tried to meet your needs. Here is a far from complete list: Frontpage slideshow Image slider Image gallery Carousel gallery Content slider/tabs Highlighted content Banner slider Vertical accordion slider Horizontal accordion slider Product slideshow Frequently asked questions(FAQ) box Portfolio And much more! Your imagination is the only limit.

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Price: USD 10.00

Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider - Wordpress Plugin

Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider is useful for displaying products such as books, magazines, dvd, cd and others. Its a way to showcase products in an attractive manner. Features of lightbox to display images, videos (Youtube and Vimeo) and any html content (Wordpress editor). Can be added detailed content to each product. Easy to add into WordPress using widgets or shortcodes. See the Demo for more details.

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RoyalSlider - Touch Image and Content Slider for WordPress

"RoyalSlider WordPress Plugin" is a cross-device jQuery content slider with touch-based navigation and fluid layout. It has user-friendly admin area where you can manage slides, change slider settings, customize interface and add blocks-captions using custom WYSIWIG editor.

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Price: USD 18.00