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Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise
Adobe ColdFusion 11 Enterprise Edition offers a single platform to rapidly build and deploy scalable, high-performing web and mobile applications.
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PriceUSD 4,249.00
Image Gallery Lite Edition
A complete adobe cold fusion online photo album allowing you to upload and organize your pictures. Cold fusion Pictures Gallery Lite Edition is a full featured, web-based image gallery application. The image upload features a thumbnail creator, allows you to re-size an image for display formatting, but also maintains the integrity of your high-resolution original. It has both user and administrative interfaces and allows administrators to toggle administrative options such as application security, application look, feel and gallery layout... and much more. If you have been searching for an easy to use, easy to install and low cost alternative to the other providers, you have come to the right place.
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PriceUSD 70.00
Pictures Gallery Easy Edition
A very light weight Pictures Gallery which is easy to use & configure and can be used with any website as an addon and can also run standalone.Randhawaworld Image Gallery Script is wonderful tool for running your image gallery site. Key benefit of this script is that its very easy to install and operate. Get your gallery site will be up and live in minutes. Just put your images in one directory only and instruct the script to add all those images and that is it.Very easy to setup and maintain,Very organized gallery script with multilevel categorization of images. Visitors have one click access to all categories and subcategories in which images are located.Visitors can also suggest images. Colors, graphics of the site are fully customizable from the admin panel. Highly configurable script parameters. You can very easily define new color schemes and icon sets. Potential to hook visitors to the site. Easy accessibility of best images on the site. Rating system for images.
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PriceUSD 22.00
Image Gallery Professional Edition
Login using username/password. 2. See Categorized Images 3. Add Categories, Category will be added only when admin approves it. 4. View images in full mode and scaled mode. 5. Pagination within each Category. 6. Add unlimited Photos to a category. 7. Upload Unlimited Pictures. 8. Ms-Access database & Mysql database Support 9. Sideshow of all the Images 10. FAQ provided how to Use the application. 11. Complete application with full CSS to ready to use. 12. View thumbnails of images. 13. Send Images as an E-card to multiple friends. 1. Add Music to your e-cards 2. Add background and foreground color 3. Add text size up to your choice 4. Choose text from various text formats. 5. Send yourself a copy while sending and get notified when user view your card. 6. Preview the card. 7. Edit the card. 8. Choose Closing of the card, or write your own
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PriceUSD 140.00
ReaJPEG Standard
ReaJpeg Standard allows you to convert to jpeg format any image and edit it by means of multiple functions of the built-in editor. Easy to use and no special skill requirement. Batch job automation features include Windows Explorer right-click menu integration and command-line usage capabilities. With its low cost and 30-days trial ReaJpeg Standard takes an outstanding position.
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PriceUSD 39.00
PhotoFolio is a web-based image gallery written to run on ColdFusion. This is a mature application with patches and updates since its original codebase was written in 2001. It handles categorization of images as well as automagic generation of thumbnail images for the gallery. Check it out.
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PriceUSD 299.00
Directory Image Gallery
This is the ColdFusion Directory Image Gallery. The Directory Image Gallery is a dynamic script that generates an image gallery by reading folder names and content. The folder names are the titles of the individual galleries and the pictures are pulled from the folder. The application can contain sub-directories or sub-folders to help categorize albums. Their is a built in navigation to help navigate back to higher levels of a directory. This application is offered in a CFMX7 and a CF8 version along with a Windows and Linux version. The main difference in the CF8 version is the use of only one directory with thumbnails created on the fly, while the CFMX7 relies on mirror directories; one for the whole sized pictures and one for the thumbnails.
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PriceUSD 35.00
Slideshow Pro Wizard - SSPWIZ
SSPwiz is the complete, multi-user, easy to use, web-based administration system for the Flash Component Slide Show Pro. The easiest way to optimize, upload, organize, manage and share your online Slide Show. - Database free - XML driven - Choose which users can view or administer each album - Automatic optimization of images on Upload at different sized depending on your configuration. - Upload of zip files with multiple images or scan any given folder in your server - Upload jpgs, flash animation, and videos as slides, and mp3 files as background audio per album - Add, edit, delete, and reorganize albums and images - Add, edit, delete users - Optional skinable interface with multiple slideshow sizes - Display of list of users currently logged in - Control Panel allows to customize preferences - Bilingual English - Spanish
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PriceUSD 15.00
CF_GalleryDemo is a ColdFusion tag that creates a html tables with thumbnails with many options and generates the links for a pop-up windows thats fits the image exactly. All you need is to call the CF_gallery tag and place two folders in your server: one with the thumnails and one with the full size images. No need for databases, just upload your images on the servers and it will show it in a nice way. Comes with a some images and a test file. Up and running in 5 minutes. Latest additions: navigation bar, number of rows-lines to display, nice fading effect.
(7 ratings)
Price 20.00
Results 1-9 of 9