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  • URL Redirect

    Rated 4.67 out of 5 (3 total ratings)

  • Redir

    A directory based URL redirection script for your own domain.

    Rated 3.89 out of 5 (9 total ratings)

  • FTLS Redirect

    Simple redirect script based on forms or links.

  • TD's Detect/Redirect

    A very simple referring URL detect and redirect script.

  • amonotod's

    A link-based redirection script with logging and counting features.

  • MaskURL

    Home-users and small companies general current URL most likely looks like:

  • Redirect visitors

    Redirect your visitors to a website.

    Rated 0.67 out of 5 (3 total ratings)

  • The Bouncer

    Prevent other sites from linking to a page on your site

  • URLforwarding Pro

    With URLforwarding you can provide other web sites with

  • DIP Update

    This free Dynamic IP Direct script automates the process of updating an ever-changing IP address.

  • Doesn't Work Properly ...

    URL Jump

    Great idea, but it doesn't work properly. If you copy and paste the URL into your web browser addres

    Reviewer: darchell

  • Simple and to the point.

    I was looking for a simple Perl jump script. This one fit the bill so nice with so few lines of code

    Reviewer: CanadaGeek

  • Very good!

    I downloaded the script, installed and setup within minutes without error. Very well done script.

    Reviewer: JJThomas